The collection of poetry mahAprasthAnaM had an enormous impact on a great many aspects of modern telugu literature. It is the seminal work of SreerangaM. Did you know you can earn points for signing up, making purchases and more? Learn more. ×. Book Rewards. Sowmya in Bangalore, India purchased a. – Buy mahaprasthanam book online at best prices in india on Amazon .in. mahaprasthanam (Telugu) Paperback – 22 Oct Be the first to.

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The collection of poetry mahAprasthAnaM had an enormous impact on a great many aspects of modern telugu literature. Much of the poetry in the book was written during the decade of Sri Sri was in his 20s then.

The collected work was originally published at the behest of Sri Sri’s friend and fellow poet Jalasutram Rukmineenatha Sastry in Nalini Kumar Pub. Later the book went through very many printings issued by Visalandhra Publishing House. It would be an understatement to say that its publication brought in a revolutionary change.

It is one of the most important works in the history of Telugu and Indian Literature. The book was far too anti-establishment to have received major laurels like the Jnanapeetham. But there are very few books among the Jnanapeetha club that can measure up against mahAprasthAnaM. Just about every hot-blooded Telugu youth knows of the book. Many a youth with a revolutionary bent had his or her first major jolt in early or mid teens upon reading the book.


The book helped change Telugu poetry forever after.

When Chalam, the other great revolutionary of that time said that Sri Sri single handedly broke the backs of “old poetry” with these poems, he was not far from the mark. Chalam also said that a time would come when all other poets are measured against Sri Sri’s yardstick.

Teulgu yardstick set by mahAprasthAnaM is very long indeed! There have been innumerable critical appraisals of the book. Miriyala Ramakrishna among several others wrote at length on the book. We do not yet have in our possession a balance that can weigh its worth. Perhaps we never will. Yet, we will continue to revisit the book for a long time to come.

However, calam guDipATi veMkaTa calaM gave the book a fitting compliment in writing a stirring certificate of recommendation as a preface. Many statements from that certificate became major quotations in themselves. When the poems were originally published, the long battle against the colonial powers was reaching a crescendo in India. Europe was inching itself towards a devastating war. We reproduce calaM ‘s certificate below.

The date above is as indicated in the latest Visalandhra Pub. It should most likely be written as Apparently, Jaruk Satry was instrumental mahaprastuanam arranging the preface to be written in Chalam himself mentioned Jaruk Satry in his preface.


మహా ప్రస్థానం [Maha Prasthanam] by Srirangam Srinivasarao

Except for neeDalunijaMgAnE ? So it may be safe to assume for the preface and for the actual publication. Paruchuri Sreenivas swears that the preface too was mahaprsathanam around the late s!

This issue needs some resolution. Sri Venkataramana Srirangam, son of mahaakavi Sri Sri has developed a beautiful web site for his father’s works at mahaprastjanam. It has several photographs and a lot of other material. The following famous intro’ is only to help in a critical appraisal of the great poet.

Mahaprasthanam Songs Download: Mahaprasthanam MP3 Telugu Songs Online Free on

For more information, please look at the official web site. We thank the copyright holder Sri Venkataramana Srirangam.

For Telugu Lipi version, click here. EmiTi ee vEdana pApaM? Man of little faith. Sree Sree eMduku naccutADu?

మహా ప్రస్థానం [Maha Prasthanam]

The following famous poem is only to increase the appreciation of Sri Sri’s poetry. We thank Sri Venkataramana Srirangam. For the Telugu Lipi version, click here. More kavitas will be posted when we know about the copyright status of the book. Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri First posted: Suggestions, additions and corrections to the magaprasthanam will be gratefully appreciated.