Cara had a beautiful room-mate that she was bringing home from college to work for her family for the summer. She also had four womanizing brothers. Lumber and Lace – Kindle edition by Lietha Wards. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Lumber And Lace By Lietha Wards – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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For more free ebooks and to list your fiction or non-fiction book for free publication, please visit www. She and Cara met when wagds ended up Roommates in the dorm and instantly hit it off.

Lumber and Lace – Kindle edition by Lietha Wards. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

What if she did something to offend them? It worried her that she might put her friendship at risk with her, because she never had anyone that showed her such consideration before in her life. My brothers have two full-time and two part-time secretaries, but during the summer business triples. Lumber and Lace 3 would help persuade her.

Cara was a wonderful person and very likable. It was obvious that she was. Lietha Wards ,ace outrageously wqrds from the amount of phone calls and spending money she got from the four of them. As for her buttering her up, that was out of the question. Her father was an alcoholic and used to beat her up until cirrhosis of the liver claimed his life when she was twelve. Unfortunately she never knew or remembered her mother. She left when she was just an infant.

Then again, her past experiences with men had a negative impact on her life and her opinion of them. Every man in her life that displayed a temper also had violent tendencies. She was warrds she had experienced more broken anv than a stunt man in her young life.

Lumber and Lace 5 never used it on a woman. I just think his demeanour will be intimidating llietha you. He looks after four younger siblings. Even though she was nervous about meeting her family, in a way she was excited too.

However, Jeb already intimidated her and she never met him.

It also seemed like he was the only one without a sense of humour. As she thought before, he was the oldest of five, so maybe his seriousness was well founded.

Cara had told her that her parents were killed in a car wreck when she was ten and Jeb had instantly became the head of the family. She had to admit, the man must be admirable to do all that and not go insane.


Lietha Wards 6 eight of them, he and one other man survived. He deals with some pain in that leg too so it tends to lead to him seeming a little cranky. Also he works along side of the other three like he was born to it. Gabriel is out by the pool. We miss your lovely face around here.

Lucinda had been their housekeeper since she could remember and she was like a surrogate mother to her since hers died ten years ago. She was stern but kind. When Gabriel was fourteen he put a mouse in the flour tin that he found in the stables.

Lucinda screamed all the way out of the house. After a moment a deep masculine voice was heard in a distant conversation as Lucinda told him who was on the phone. Lumber and Lace 7 She grinned at the sound of her nickname. Her brothers were bachelors and liked women, and Brianne was beautiful. Their looks and charisma could bring just about any woman, including one as beautiful as Brianne, to their knees.

As usual, being the oldest, Jeb sat at the head of the table and asked Remington say grace before they started eating.

It was usually a time for an informal board meeting between all of them so they could discuss business because they were usually spread out during the day on different construction sites. Gabriel told the other three that Cara had called earlier. They usually spoke to her several times a week to check up on her.

CalamĂ©o – Lumber and Lace by Lietha Wards

It was hard for all of them to let her go to that ballet school in Boston, but she flashed those gorgeous blue eyes at them and Jeb relented. However, it took her almost two months of it before he did. Once Jeb made up his mind, nothing short of a miracle could change it. Of course he put several strict rules in place before she left. Liethz used the excuse that if he was sending her to that expensive school that she was going to devote all of her time to her classes.

Yet liehta other three knew exactly why he told her those things, because they felt the same way. It was true that they indulged her, because she was the. Lumber and Lace 9 only girl in warss household of men, but also because she was precious to them.

Things at the dinner table were usually this crazy. She was probably right he thought with an internal smile. Actually the younger two brothers along with Cara were his half. Lietha Wards 10 siblings, but they were closer than most families. The rest of you can if you want. Rem groaned and Gabe fell his head on the table in a. Lumber and Lace 11 dramatic gesture. Glen was a workaholic and expected his younger two siblings to acquire that same trait. Another round of laughter, this time Jeb even smiled.

So unless you want to work, get lost. When Jeb walked into the Den, Glen already had the plans laid out on the big drafting table and was pouring the scotch he promised him. He was the architect in the family, Jeb was the money man, and the younger two were lietah working on their degrees.


He and Gabe supervised the construction work and were perfectly capable to do so. Yet, Gabe had real estate deals on the side too. It was quite lucrative for him. Blasted thing was so sick it died three days later and she cried for a week. He sat down in a large sofa chair across from Glen with a wince. Glen knew talking about his injury irritated him, everyone knew that. Maybe this friend of hers sees an easy mark. From what Cara has told me, this girl is an orphan. She got into college warda a scholarship.

Brianne shopped at bargain and second hand stores for hers. They like women, especially Gabe and Rem. You look sophisticated enough for the both of them. Then she headed into the bathroom to see if there was anything she forgot. Lumber and Lace 15 Lubmer Bree disappeared into the bathroom there was a loud knock at the door.

Cara opened it to see six foot four man wearing a black Stetson, white buttoned up shirt with a black suit jacket and jeans. Just then the door opened to the bathroom and out walked Brianne only wearing her bra and panties. Later she would chastise herself over not going back into the bathroom, but he was a shock to her. First of all he was a darn giant, and Cara was a tiny little thing.

Jeb turned at the sound of the soft feminine voice and raised his brows. Though his expression liftha said anything beyond that, inside was a different story. Lietha Wards 16 She was gorgeous. She had large almond shaped green eyes surrounded by thick lashes and framed by a heart shaped face.

She had glossy strawberry blonde hair that tumbled past her shoulders hinting at a slight curl. They were full, lush, and a perfect shade of pink. Her complexion was flawless even when it went from pale to scarlet.

It was the sizzling body she possessed. His eyes started warsd her toes and slowly heatedly worked their way up her entire form. It was too late.

Jeb already got an eyeful of nice pert breasts that could probably fill his hands easily and he had rather large hands. Cara was slight with a petite figure and barely made it to his chest, but this one was voluptuous and the top of her head probably came to his chin, which meant she was tall because he was well over six feet, but not too tall to be deemed an Amazon and she was put together in very nice proportions—very nice indeed!

Lumber and Lace 17 dare repeat in front of his sister. They were definitely the legs of a dancer, long, firm, smooth and perfectly shaped. A door slammed abruptly after that, letting him know that she retreated back into the bathroom.