Hello, I would like assistance translating the condition ” sindrome de lumbalgia mecánica’ to english. I am not sure if there is an exact. Considerada la lumbalgia como un término para definir el dolor agudo o . revisada evidencia que el 90 % de las lumbalgias son de causa mecánica, por una. Looking for online definition of Lumbalgia in the Medical Dictionary? Lumbalgia explanation free. What is Lumbalgia? Meaning of Lumbalgia medical term.

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sindrome lumbalgia mecánica

Efectividad de la magnetoterapia como tratamiento en pacientes con lumbalgia aguda. Effectiveness of magnetotherapy as a treatment for patients with Acute Lumbar Pain.

Son numerosos los pacientes aquejados de algias vertebrales, tanto lumbares como dorsales y cervicales. Con el tratamiento de la magnetoterapia aplicado a los pacientes se redujeron los estadios del dolor.


LUMBALGIA by Daniela P. Ramos on Prezi

No se reportaron lumbalgis adversos. A great number of patients suffer from spinal pains: Consequently, a research was carried out with the objective to determine the effectiveness of magnetotherapy as a treatment for acute lumbar pain in patients treated at “Raul Sanchez” University Polyclinic in Pinar del Rio province, Cuba.

A descriptive, prospective and cross-sectional study was carried out in patients with acute lumbar pain in that health area. The sample was composed of 68 male and female patients older than 17 years who were clinically diagnosed with acute low back pain. Treatment with magnetotherapy applied to the patients decreased their pain stages.

No adverse effects were reported. Magnetotherapy was effective in the treatment of patients with acute lumbar pain. Es por ello que el objetivo del presente estudio consiste en: Se aplicaron los criterios de salida para aquellos pacientes que realizaron otro tipo de tratamiento durante el estudio o que abandonaron el tratamiento.


I, pacientes con dolor leve e incapacidad leve; II, pacientes con dolor moderado e incapacidad moderada y III, pacientes con dolor intenso e incapacidad severa.

Novedades en el manejo del dolor lumbar. Semergen Medicina Familiar [revista en internet].

Publishers a nivel latinoamericano. EspReumatol [revista en internet].

Lumbalgia | definition of Lumbalgia by Medical dictionary

Relationships between coping strategies and lumbar muscle activity in subjects with chronic low back pain. Eur J Pain [revista en internet]. Costa J, Pinto-Gouveia J.

The mediation effect of experiential avoidance between coping and psychopathology in chronic pain. Fractura de cadera en adultos mayores: