Every so often, we must remember to download and install the latest help file manually from net/#help. Download the most. Go to the web site net/, click on Program Files, then in . No radio CAT control – Frequency/Band/Mode to be entered manually. Welcome to Logger32, a bit logging program written by Bob manual editing labor of love if you require your log to look correct or you.

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Logger32 has extensive Help! This help is your friend.


When you are looking for a particular subject, use the Contents, Index, or Search windows to find a section of Help that looks relevant and then use the standard Windows Ctrl-F Find tool to search within that section. Don’t find what you are looking for, just try another section and repeat the Find process.

Seems a likely place to start. Click on that sub-heading to open that section.

Clicking on Next takes us to the Logbook of the World user indicator section. Since LoTW is mentioned frequently in this section, it takes a few clicks on the Next button to get to the part on updating the LoTW user file. Logger32 Help is available in 3 different formats: Before downloading the new Logger A menu item can be added to the Utilities Menu to open the pdf or docx version of the Help file.


That menu item has to start with the appropriate. Example for Adobe Acrobat under Windows 7 64 bit: He has extensive knowledge of the program and its many features. If you need help with a paticular part of Logger32, Gerry can be contacted at ve6lb telus. A special Band Map window in Logger32 is also made available to the user which shows the status of the stations heard by WSJT-X new country, new band, already worked, etcetera. The colours in the Band Map are the ones defined by the user in Logger To access this window, right click on the column header of the column you want to tweak.

To access the original customization window, right click on any of the data fields and select Setup, Grid Layout.

Help Files

Right click is your friend! Give it a try and see what opens up for you. It will allow Logger32 to recognize the “oddball” calls that sometimes get used for Dxpeditions and other “events”.

Now that you have Logger32 looking and fuctioning the way you want, make a backup of the Logger32 folder!

Copy olgger32 to the cloud or an external hard drive or a thumb drive. Refresh that backup periodically, especailly after making any major changes.


Logger32 |

After making corrections to the log entry in Logger32, you need to upload it to LoTW. In the Logbook page window, click on the record that needs to be resent then right-click on the record in the Previous QSO’s window. Before changing the settings: After changing the settings: Click on “Update QSL status to match settings above” to save the changes.

The Utilities Menu includes some new items: Another item you might want to add to the Utility Menu is Band Conditions. Logger32 Hints and tips for using the Logger32 logging program. Mankal Help File Logger32 has extensive Help! Gary has many useful tips for installing and using Logger Gary’s Unoffical FAQ page with answers to many common “how to” questions.

Features you many not know about. This page was last updated in December of but it still highlights some lgger32 tips on getting more out of Logger