Last edited 01/11/ – Jaycar & Altronics catalogues delivered to your post box for free. Order Jaycar catalogue here.(). Catalogue Key New Product This is a brand new product for the Jaycar Catalogue. Product “Plus” ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ICON – look for these icons. FLYERS & CATALOGUE Jaycar issues two monthly flyers full of specials, deals .. Jaycar Electronics ii PROJECTS & LEARNING LETS BUILD ARDUINO.

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Order Jaycar catalogue here. Order Altronics catalogue here. Should jaycr get a “No Cookie Support” error, please visit the main catalogue pagescroll to the bottom, and click “Order Printed Copy” on the lower right. Since the free Ikea catalogue is accepted as a valid deal, so I am posting these two catalogues for the electronics fans here.

As a bonus you can also register for Jaycar’s rewards card too. Thanks, always wanted one of these but could never justify when I can look it up online for free. I hear that the iPhone 6s will be able to drink long necks. Thanks, I used to buy these at the stores every year.

Didn’t know I could get one sent to me for free. I find them useful still. You can’t search online for something if you don’t know it even exists.

Flipping through a catalogue will show you things you don’t even know to look for in an online search. My eyes were opened when I visited electronics shops in Seoul, Korea and saw electronics items I’d never even dreamt of!

Jaycar has a pretty good stash of bits and pieces, but nothing compared to the retail electronics parts warehouses overseas. Now that I know those parts exist and know they’re not available in Oz I can order them online from overseas.


You can’t use a tablet while sitting on the loo? Or is the paper catalog more useful in case you run out of toilet paper??? I propose we create a wiki for free colorful, printed toilet paper and update this one and the ikea catalogue deal there. Another free catalogue posting?

Meanwhile, my Macca’s deal got relegated to the forums?? I never had to pay for one before even if there is some price on the cover.

Same was when Dick Smith had catalogues, could always get it free in store even if it had a price on the cover. Nope, my Jaycar didn’t give them out for free if you just walked in. Thanks mate, I’ve always paid for the catalogue, they even know my face when I walk in, never have they offered me a free catalogue so cheers.

Much better than a paper catalogue. Wish I could shout you a beer or soft drink or cayalogue. You can also buy things from the future. Just go to your local newsagent and ask for a diary. When I signed up for the Jaycar catalogue using the web page in August, a copy of the catalogue arrived in my mail box.

Jaycar publishes jayxar catalogue around April. So who knows if you will be getting a catalogue in 2 weeks, or a catalogue in 5 months.


Jaycar 2014 Catalogue NZ

Jaycar link worked fine. I even bought last years copy. Cataogue that catalogue and ended up buying even more: I’m a regular Jaycar customer, how is Altronics different?

Is it just pricing, stock, etc? Also yes, I have paid for Jaycar catalogues a few times except when they were giving away last year’s leftovers. There’s also the RS Components catalogue. They’re also good with shipping… in being free. I have received both Jaycar and Altronics catalogues. I have not ordered RS Components.

However, I did order the catalogues before I posted the deal here and the subsequent flood of requests. Altronics came to the party, However jaycar Zip, I do not think they are in a chrissy mood, Receiving junk emails from them now.


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This was posted 4 years 2 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal. Recently posted related deals 7. Freebie 30 Jan The Jaycar website lives in my top 3 for worst designed, vatalogue to search.

Full text of “Jaycar Catalogue AU”

I hate to say it… gimme the catalogue ANY day. Yeah, its seriously badly designed. Cahalogue anyone received the catalogue yet? No, they just gave you one and didn’t charge you. It’s got a real price in the POS. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Ozbargainer say this to a freebie.

Jaycar & Altronics Catalogues Delivered Free – OzBargain

I find them useful still That’s quite open-minded for a greenie. Can you recommend some overseas sites? I find the local shops sorely deficient too.

And none of these free catalogues are deals, much less deserving to be on the front page. This is a paid catalogue that datalogue can get for free…. They would give them out if you made a big purchase though.

I totally agree with you! From OP’s Altronics link Error occured. No Cookie Support Detected http: Anyone getting redirected to this page too? Seems to show as the “It’s Here! The New RS Catalogue”? Still waiting for Jaycar catalogue. Local store suggested I sign up again.