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Those of you who followed me over here from The Project series, while this story will be more dramatic and angsty at times, it will still be chalked full of healthy doses of the humor goodness my other stories are known for. I just can’t help myself. Links on my profile. Thanks for reading, meet you at the bottom. The first words of this chapter deals with a rape. If this is not something you care to read, you may skip down to the first chapter break after the song lyrics here at the beginning.

Everything will still make sense trust me.

All The King’s Men Chapter 4: Hot Mess, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

There will be no more chapters after this one that deals with this event in such detail. Stephenie Meyer owns any Twilight characters that may appear in this story. Indivisigle remainder is my original work. Copyright by the author writing under the pen name, OliviaJane.

No copying or reproduction of this work is permitted without my express written authorization. Devastated by a great atrocity and its explosive aftermath, I kept everyone at a distance. Then the man I thought didn’t exist appears and starts to chip away at the well-polished veneer of my perfectly constructed life, threatening to rock my world.

Should I push him away, or is this the Savior, the White Knight, who would bring me out of the darkness into the light? Stare out my window until the light fades The darkness overcomes me Someone is lost, someone is saved I wonder which one will I be Searching for something Just what I’m not sure Some way to change my life One thing’s for certain Can’t take this anymore I feel like I’m losing the fight.

How had the most perfect night of my life gone so wrong? How had my fairy tale become a nightmare? Those were the last coherent thoughts I had as the back of his hand made contact with my cheek. Certainly that was going to leave one hell of a bruise. In that instant I became motionless. I no longer had the will to fight, especially if fighting was only going to result in such horrendous pain.

I was definitely no masochist. From that moment on I stilled and willed myself to be as quiet as a mouse.

My weeping only seemed to add to his pleasure. There I lay, pinned to the bed, as Royce had his way with me. I had tried in vain, begging and pleading for him to stop. I even made a fruitless attempt at fighting back, but he was just too strong, too big. I had never been so wrong about a person in my life.

How could I have ever thought that Royce King, star quarterback of the Port Angeles High School football team, was my Prince Charming, who had come to rescue me from my shitty home life? I had definitely had my blinders on when it came to him, obviously. From then on all I could do was concentrate on the sensations of what was happening to me: How I was able to keep the contents of my stomach down was beyond me.


It had to be the absolute horror of what was happening to me. This must be what absolute fear felt like.

Indivisible by qjmom pdf

It will be over soon, it will be over soon, I tried to assure myself. But who was I kidding? It was never going to be over. Indvisible life as I knew was over, that was the only thing I was certain of now.

No one would believe me. They would all say I asked for it. Even my own father would be more concerned about the reputation of his “family” than he would be about what a vile boy had done to his daughter, my cold hearted step-mother would be certain to see to that. Then, as it always did, my nightmare continued as if what Royce did to me wasn’t humiliating enough, I had to endure the taunts and laughter of those around me.

What man will ever want me now? As I turned in circles the volume of the laughter became deafening as the crowd surrounding me continued to grow. I wonder who would step forward out of the crowd of hideously contorted faces and offer to be my savior? Who would be the one to extend to me the helping hand that I so desperately needed? I woke with a start, tears streaming down my face, as they always did when I relived that horrific night in my dreams.

I was still battered and bruised, but the only evidence of that could be seen on the inside. All outward physical signs of what had happened to me on that fateful night had long since faded away. Even though they were gone, I still waited as I clung to the hope that one day my savior would arrive.

But I was only deluding myself? I was the shattered shell of the girl I once was. Seriously, if all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Rosalie Hale back together again, how could I ever expect anyone else to be able to?

Jasper rushed into my room to find me as always, arms wrapped around my knees rocking rhythmically with my muffled sobs, trying feebly not to wake him or Emma Grace. It was always a futile attempt, because no matter how hard I tried to keep it from him, he always knew. It must have something to do with the twin bond we’d shared since birth. We always had the uncanny ability to sense when we were in need of each other.

Ever the comforter, he lifted me effortlessly into his lap, enveloping me in his embrace as he soothingly ran his fingers through the tangled mass that was my hair. I’ll always be here,” he crooned, and no doubt he would be if I allowed it. I had been so selfish when it came to my need for him. Just the mere thought of him leaving me could send me into a full-fledged panic attack. Surely if he had not selflessly agreed to go with me to Spokane after our parents heartlessly decided it would be best to ship me off to Nana Hale’s to sweep all traces under the rug of the “incident”, as they like to refer to what happened to me, I would have died of a broken heart.

Without him I would have never been able to put myself back together into something that resembled a civilized human being.

I would most likely be residing in a loony bin with all hope gone. I sensed however, a time for change was coming, a time when I was going to have to let him go. He couldn’t, and I surely wouldn’t, allow myself to be the center of his world for the rest of his life. He was the kindest, most tenderhearted person anyone could ever hope to know, and he deserved to live his life as his own.


When I exited the Education building I paused briefly, closing my eyes to take in the warm breeze that blew across my face. FreedomI thought, as I pointed myself in the direction of the on campus daycare center. All I had to do now was pick up my precious Emma, and we were out of here, free to do as we pleased for the next three months. I hit play on my MP3 player after queuing up the song that had become my anthem for summer since seventh grade.

God, how I loved summer. The hordes of students lulling around the campus became obstacles to my impending escape; they just weren’t moving as fast as I would have liked.

Really, what is with all the hug-y feely crap anyway? It’s only three months, for God’s sake. Say goodbye and get the hell out of my way. I finally arrive at the on campus daycare center, having taken at least five minutes longer than it should have; five minutes of my summer already wasted.

Sometimes I tended to let the littlest things get to me. Maybe that could be something I could work on this summer. Right now though, all I wanted to do was pick up Emma and go home and climb in bed. I never really fell completely back to sleep after being awakened by my reoccurring nightmare. When it came to patience, I had a very limited supply.

Jasper, on the other hand, drove me crazy at times with how patient and calm he could be in just about every situation. Even though it irritated me to no end, I loved him for it even more. He was my ever-present calm in the face of every storm that came my way, and as embarrassing as it is to admit, I had more than my fair share of storms.

Okay, I confess, half the storms I conjure up myself. I really do get worked up over the stupidest things, and this revelation only seemed to piss me off even more. It was a no win situation. Standing at the counter with my little girl in her arms, Angela greeted me with a warm smile. She and I had become good friends over the past year, and other than Jasper and my grandmother, she was the only other human being on this earth I trusted completely with the care of the little angel that had become my entire world.

Emma Grace was my air, and like with Jasper, I could not survive without her.

Dang, I almost completely forgot that Mitch and I were doing dinner and a movie with her and Ben tonight. What the hell had I been indivisiblw agreeing to a third date? I never agreed to a third date, much less a second, but something about Mitch had sucked me right in, and the next thing I knew I had agreed to date number three.

A third date in my book signaled a direction more serious than I was up for at the moment. Not only had we gone on two dates already we had hung out over at Ben and Ang’s on several occasions. Shit, qj,om are in a relationship. When did this happen?