HP Photosmart Premium C series Help. 3. HP Ph otos mart Pre m ium. C3. 09 series . you can manually set the paper size and type for print and copy jobs. Find support and troubleshooting info including software, drivers, and manuals for your HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One Printer – Ca. Troubleshooting guide and online help for your HP Photosmart Premium Fax All- in-One Printer – Ca.

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The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Add the HP Photosmart to a network Network setup This section describes how to connect the HP Photosmart to a network and how to view and manage network settings.

If you want to: Connect to a wired Ethernet network. Remove the yellow plug from the back of the HP Photosmart. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an available port ppremium your Ethernet router or switch. Broadband Internet access recommended such as cable or DSL. Highlight Network and press OK. Highlight Wireless Radio and press OK.

Highlight On and press OK. Insert the memory card or storage device with your network settings into the appropriate slot. C039a without a router ad hoc connection Use this section if you want to connect the HP Photosmart to a wireless-capable computer without using a wireless router or access point. There are two methods you may use to connect the HP Photosmart to your computer using an ad hoc wireless network connection. Chapter prmeium configuration program for your wireless LAN card, access your computer’s list of programs.

Using the LAN card configuration program, create a network profile that has the following values: Mynetwork example only NOTE: You oremium create a network name that is unique and easy for you to Connect to additional computers on a network You can connect the HP Photosmart to a small number of computers on a network.

Manaul the HP Photosmart is already connected to a computer on a network, for each additional computer you must install the HP Photosmart software. If you already understand how to connect to a network, you can use the general directions below. Advanced firewall information The following ports premiu, also used by your HP product and might need to be opened on your firewall configuration.

HP Photosmart to the network, the wireless radio is turned on automatically. The blue light on the front of the HP Photosmart indicates that the wireless radio is on. In order to stay connected to a wireless network, the radio must stay on. Print the wireless network test The wireless network test performs a series of diagnostic tests to determine whether network setup is successful. If an issue is detected, a recommendation on how to correct the issue will be included on the printed report.

You can print the wireless network test at any time.

HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One Printer – C309a Troubleshooting

Please keep your Setup Guide for later use. In this section, you will learn how to set up the HP Photosmart so that faxing works successfully with equipment and services you might already have on the same phone line as the HP Photosmart. To determine the best way to set up the HP Photosmart in your home or office, first read through the questions in this section and record your answers.


Next, refer to the table in the following section and choose the recommended setup case based on your answers. If you use another phone cord, you might experience problems sending and receiving faxes. Set up the HP Photosmart for faxing HP Photosmart as described in this section.

HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One Printer – Ca User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Run a fax test. There are two different ways to set up the HP Photosmart with your computer based on the number of phone ports on your computer. Before you begin, check your computer to see if it has one or two phone ports. If you pick up the phone before the product answers the call and hear fax tones from a sending fax machine, you will need to answer the fax call manually.

If incoming fax tones are detected, the HP Photosmart will emit fax reception tones and receive the fax; if there are no fax tones, the HP Photosmart stops monitoring the line and c30a answering machine can record a voice message. Turn off the Auto Answer setting.

You must be available to respond in person to incoming fax calls, or the HP Photosmart cannot receive faxes. Manuall settings on the HP Photosmart to receive faxes In order to receive faxes successfully, you might need to change some settings on the HP Photosmart. Set the fax header The fax header prints your name and fax number on the top of every fax you send.

HP recommends that you set up the fax header by using the software that you installed with the HP Photosmart. Press the down arrow button to highlight Tools, and then press OK. The HP Photosmart displays the status of the pohtosmart on the display and prints a report.

HP Photosmart overview Use the HP Photosmart to quickly and easily accomplish tasks such as making a copy, scanning documents, or printing photos from a memory card or USB storage device. You can access many HP Photosmart functions directly from the control panel, without turning on your computer. Control panel features The following diagram and related table provide a quick reference to the HP Photosmart control panel features.

Wireless network indicator light: Indicates that the Wireless Radio is on. Indicates that the Bluetooth Radio is on. Enters spaces and pound signs for fax-related tasks. Enters symbols and asterisks for fax-related tasks. Open the HP Device Manager and phhotosmart the? Next, click the main menu and select Photosmart Premium Fax C series. Help from your device The Help menu on the display provides quick access to key help topics and is available when you press the Help button.

This Web site offers photosmarr support, drivers, supplies, and ordering information. Load paper You can load different types and sizes of paper in the HP Photosmart, including letter or A4 paper, photo paper, transparencies, and envelopes. Make sure that the product is idle and silent when you load paper into the main input tray. If the product is servicing the ink cartridges or otherwise engaged in a task, the paper stop inside the product might not be in place.


You could push the paper too far forward, causing the product to eject blank pages.

Slide the paper-width guide inward until it photos,art at the edge of the paper. Do not overload the photo tray; make sure the stack of photo paper fits within the photo tray and is no higher than the top of the paper-width guide. Lower the photo tray lid.

To achieve the best print quality, HP recommends using HP papers that are specifically designed for the type of project you are printing along with genuine HP ink. HP papers and HP ink are specifically designed to work well together to provide high-quality output. Optional Continue left-right scrolling to add more photos to the print queue. Press OK to preview the print job. Optional Press the Menu button to change the print settings. During printing, you can press OK to add more photos to the print queue.

Scan an image You can start a scan from your computer or from the control panel of the HP Photosmart. This section explains how to scan from the control panel of the HP Photosmart only. You can also use the software you installed with the HP Photosmart to scan images.

Replace the cartridges Follow these instructions when you need to replace cartridges. If you do not already have replacement cartridges for the HP Photosmart, to order cartridges, go to www. The print carriage moves to the center of the product. Wait until the print carriage stops moving before proceeding.

Press the tab on the front of the cartridge to release it, and then remove it from the slot. Do not lift the latch handle on the print carriage to remove the cartridges. Make sure that you insert the cartridge into the slot that has the same shaped icon and color as the one you are installing. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for each cartridge you are replacing.

Close the cartridge access door. Electronic Help that came with your software. If you connected the HP Photosmart Chapter 4 To verify that the software is properly installed, double-click the HP Solution Center icon on the desktop.

Setup troubleshooting Use this section to solve any problems you might encounter while setting up the HP Photosmart hardware. HP support for service.

You might need assistance to enable the product or software to function properly. I connected the USB cable, but I am having problems using the product with my The product might have been out of paper.

Network troubleshooting If you are encountering issues using your HP Photosmart over a network, try the following steps in the order listed: Turn off the router, product, and computer, and then turn them back on in this order: The home page is a Web page that resides within the HP Photosmart.

Click Start, right-click Computer, and click Manage. Double-click Services and Applications, and then select Services.