Hegel or Spinozafirst appeared in after an eight-year near-hiatus in. Macherey’s work. As Warren Montag argues, it marked a divergence. Macherey’s work enters this debate by attempting to save Marxism from this apparent historical refutation. The promise of Hegel or Spinoza. Hegel or Spinoza is the first English-language translation of the modern classic Hegel ou Spinoza. Pierre Macherey provides a surgically precise interrogation o.

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Hegel spunoza Spinoza is the first English-language translation of the modern classic Hegel ou Spinoza. Pierre Macherey provides a surgically precise interrogation of the points of misreading of Spinoza by Hegel and initiates an encounter that produces a new understanding, a common truth that emerges in the interval that separates the two.

Hegel or Spinoza

The alternative—Hegel or Spinoza—thus becomes a powerful and significant dividing line for politics and thought. And Macherey forces you to choose which side you are on. Michael Hardt, coauthor of EmpireMultitudeand Commonwealth.


Published in French init has been widely influential, particularly in the work of macjerey philosophers Alain Badiou, Antonio Negri, and Gilles Deleuze. Hegel or Spinoza is a surgically precise interrogation of orr points of misreading of Spinoza by Hegel. He finds in Spinoza an immanent philosophy that is not subordinated to the guarantee of an a priori truth.

Hegel or Spinoza is a classic. Warren Montag, author of Bodies, Masses, Power: Spinoza and His Contemporaries.

The translation of Hegel or Spinoza is Spknoza meticulous undoing of Hegel’s reading of Spinoza, in order to expose a deeper connection between the two philosophies, nicely accentuates some of the tensions framing recent discussions within contemporary continental political philosophy, where the perceived merits, and precise political utility, of Hegel and Spinoza’s philosophy continue to be debated.

Hegel Reads Spinoza 2. The Problem of the Attributes 4. Omnis Determinatio est Negatio. Hegel or Spinoza discussion. University of Minnesota Press Coming soon. Home Current Catalogs Blog. Search Site only in current section. Hegel or Spinoza Pierre Macherey Translated by Susan M.


The first English-language translation of a classic work of French philosophy. Ruddick is associate professor of geography at the University of Toronto.

Project MUSE – Hegel or Spinoza

First chapter available from Society and Space. Spinoza Now The interdisciplinary relevance of Spinoza today.

Hegel The Restlessness of the Negative A major philosopher gives us a new view of Hegel for our time. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews on Hegel or Spinoza sponoza Pierre Macherey’s French text likewise had important theoretical effects upon the philosophical scene in France when it was originally published in