Epistemology has ratings and 7 reviews. Alexander said: If you want to know more about contemporary thoughts on Epistemology this has the basics. You. EPISTEMOLOGY: AN ANTHOLOGY Second Edition. Edited by Ernest Sosa, Jaegwon Kim, Jeremy Fantl, and Matthew McGrath. ~ A Blackwell ‘-II Publishing. This volume represents the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of canonical readings in theory of knowledge. It is ideal as a reader for all courses.

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Epistemology : An Anthology

By using our website epistemologt agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day When will my order arrive? Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Description New and thoroughly updated, Epistemology: An Anthology continues to represent the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of canonical readings in the theory of knowledge. Concentrates on the central topics of the field, such as skepticism and the Pyrrhonian problematic, the definition of knowledge, and the structure of epistemic justification Offers coverage of more specific topics, such as foundationalism vs coherentism, and virtue epistemology Presents wholly new sections on ‘Testimony, Memory, and Perception’ and ‘The Value of Knowledge’ Features modified sections on ‘The Structure of Knowledge and Justification’, ‘The Non-Epistemic in Epistemology’, and ‘The Nature of the Epistemic’ Includes many of the most important contributions made in recent decades by several outstanding authors show more.

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Ernest Sosa & Jaegwon Kim (eds.), Epistemology: An Anthology – PhilPapers

Western Philosophy John Cottingham. Ethical Theory Russ Shafer-Landau. Ethics in Practice Hugh LaFollette. Contemporary Political Philosophy Robert E. Philosophy of Education Randall Curren. Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art Peter Lamarque.


Mind and Cognition William G. Foundations of Ethics Russ Shafer-Landau. From Modernism to Postmodernism Lawrence E. Environmental Ethics Andrew Light. Philosophy of Science Timothy McGrew. The Philosophy of Literature Eileen John.

Feminist Theory Ann E. Back cover copy The simplest questions are never so simple. With all central topics in the field included -skepticism, the definition and structure of knowledge, the natureof epistemic justification, and many more – Epistemology: An Anthology continues to represent the most comprehensive andauthoritative collection of canonical readings in the theory ofknowledge.

In addition to including all-new sections on EpistemicClosure and Testimony, Memory, and Perception; the editors haveupdated many of the sections from the first edition by adding newselections on the value of knowledge, sensitive invariantism, andepistemic relativism among other topics. Striking an excellent balance between traditional theories andcutting edge contemporary methodologies, Epistemology: AnAnthology is an essential compendium for all philosophersconcerned with the latest developments in the theory ofknowledge.

Table of contents Preface to the Second Edition.

Epistemology: An Anthology, 2nd Edition

The Problem of the External World: Proof of an External World: Four Forms of Scepticism: The Structure of Knowledge and Justification: The Myth of the Given: Does Empirical Knowledge Have a Foundation?: Can Empirical Knowledge Have a Foundation?: A Coherence Theory of Truth and Knowledge: A Foundherentist Theory of Empirical Justification: The Raft and the Pyramid: Human Knowledge and the Infinite Regress of Reasons: Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?: The Inescapability of Gettier Problems: A State of Mind: Relevant Alternatives and Deductive Closure: How to Defeat Opposition to Moore: Are There Counterexamples to the Closure Principle?: Theories of Epistemic Justification: Richard Feldman and Earl Conee.

What is Justified Belief?: Externalist Theories of Justification: Virtue Epistemology and the Value of Knowledge: Virtues of the Mind, Selections: Virtues and Vices of Virtue Epistemology: Cognitive Responsibility and the Epistemic Virtues: The Place of Truth in Epistemology: Meno Problems and Epistemological Axiology: Naturalized Epistemology and the A Priori: What is “Naturalized Epistemology”?: Revisability, Reliabilism, and A Priori Knowledge: A Priori Knowledge and the Scope of Philosophy: Normativity and Epistemic Intuitions: Weinberg, Shaun Nichols, and Stephen Stich.


Normativity and Natural Knowledge: Knowledge and the Pragmatic: Solving the Skeptical Problem: Contextualist Solutions to Epistemological Problems: Scepticism, Gettier, and the Lottery: Knowledge and Practical Interest, Selections: Evidence, Pragmatics, and Justification: Jeremy Fantl and Matthew McGrath. The Assessment-Sensitivity of Knowledge Attributions: Testimony, Memory, and Perception: Testimonial Knowledge and Transmission: The Problem of Memory Knowledge: Criteria, Defeasibility, and Knowledge: Review quote “This carefully conceived collection puts together the key articles in a comprehensive range of topics.

With a restructured table of contents and many new articles, the second edition supplies the reader with the full range of recent, cutting edge, developments. An ideal text for teaching contemporary epistemology, it will prove to be an indispensable volume.

Every major topic and every major approach to those topics is covered through selections representing many of the most influential figures in contemporary analytic epistemology. It is without doubt the best text of its kind. He has authored and edited several philosophical texts, including Supervenience and the Mind and Physicalismor Something Near Enough Fpistemology ratings by Goodreads.

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