DVA – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your TV and more at ManualsOnline. Alpine DVA DVD Player User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. User manual for the device Alpine DVA Online user manual database.

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More musical selections, more versatility, more convenience. Failure to heed them can result in serious injuryor death. Any function that requires your prolonged attention should only beperformed after coming to a complete stop. Always stop the vehiclein a safe location before performing these functions.

Failure to doso may result in an accident. Never Attempt the FollowingCorrect HandlingDo not grip or pull out the disc while it is being pulled back into theplayer by the automatic reloading mechanism. Do not dva-98611 to insert a disc into the unit when the unit power isoff. Do not drop the disc while handling. Hold the disc so you will notleave fingerprints on the surface.

When using the remote control, Battery replacement – Alpine DVA-9861 User Manual

Do not affix tape, paper, orgummed labels to the disc. Do not write on the disc. Playable DiscsThe discs listed below can be played on this unit. Once a recording has been stopped, this is considered as onesession. If the disc is not closed finalizedadditional data may beadded. Use ISO formatting to insure proper playback. You may usestandard ISO naming Level 1 8. When you ddva-9861 the Rotary encoder again, it pops back out.

Press OPEN to open the front panel. TITLEAbout the alphanumeric display of this unitTo close the front panel, press the left side until xva-9861 locks asshown in the figure below. Attaching12Insert the right side of the front panel into the mainunit. Align the groove on the front panel with theprojections on the main unit. Push the left side of the front panel until it locksfirmly into the main unit. The time indication will blink. ME12Select the radio band and tune in a desired radiostation you wish to store in the preset memory.

Press and hold, for at least 2 seconds, any one of thepreset buttons 1 through 6 into which you wishto store the station. The selected station is stored. The display shows the band, preset number and stationfrequency memorized. Do not load more thanone disc at a time.

A malfunction may result from doing either. Inthe case of discs and changers that do not support text, searches can bemade by using the track numbers.


This will set the search mode.

This will play the selected track. Therefore, the playing order may not be the sameas the order you input. The playback order of the folders andfiles is as follows. However, the folder and file playback orderdiffers from the folder and file number indicated on the display. If aproblem occurs, remove the disc and check for fingerprints on theplayback side. Clean the disc if necessary.

If this happens, perform the operationdescribed below to start playback. This is not a malfunction. Use this function to easily find positions on the DVDusing its group number. Pressand hold CLR for at least 2 seconds to cancel the input mode. Repeat PlaybackThis operation is performed by the remote control unit.

Installation & connections, Installation and connections, Warning – Alpine DVA-9861 User Manual

The track is played repeatedly. The entire disc is played repeatedly Factory default Playback does not repeat. Video CD display exampleDisplaying the Disc StatusPlayback discUse the procedure described below to display the status title number,chapter number, etc. The playback status display closes when DISP. BBE makes vocals or instruments sound distinct regardless of the musicsource.

When displaying Text, the following indicators are lit accordingto the mode.

The display example isas shown below. Also lights when operation, such as fastforward, etc. Displaying the TextText information, such as the disc name and the track name, will bedisplayed if playing a CD text compatible disc. Each press changes the display. You can flexibly customize the unit to suit your own preferences andusage. Subwoofer level changes according the mainvolume setting.

Subwoofer level change is different from the mainvolume setting. For example, even at low volumesettings, the subwoofer is still audible. Use this mode when the front and rear preamplifier of the unit are used to drive anexternal amplifier manua to the speakers. Setting the TV ScreenThe setup returns to normal mode. Use the procedure described below to set the output screen according tothe type of TV monitor being used.

Make a noteof the current settings before making changes. If the vehicles batteryis disconnected, the settings will be cleared and will return to thefactory settings. The primary country code among those recordedis played. The setup returns to normal mode. You can select the received stations inchannel No.

Alpine DVA user manual – – Solve your problem

You can search for programs by Channel No. Turn the Rotary encoder to set the tuning method. Some audio processors may not be operated.


When PXA-H is connected, some of the operations may not beperformed from this unit. In this case, operate them in the connectedproduct.

This data is used toreproduce the sound cleanly by making use of the data quantity. The audio processor control mode is activated. Press MODE to select the speaker. Because of the particular conditions inside the vehicle, there can bemajor differences in the distances between the various speakers and manua position.

It is possible to calculate the optimum correctionvalues and eliminate the time error at the listening position yourselfusing this function. Press and hold MUTE for at least 2 seconds.

In other words, setting the time correction value for the front leftspeaker to 5. The unit returns to the normal mode. Check the playable frequency range of the speakers not including thesubwoofer before performing this operation to verify whether thespeakers can play low frequencies of about 80 Hz or less.

When levels are equal, a strong sense of presence can be heardfrom the different speakers at the listening position. The setting is canceled if the decode mode kanual switched. For storing, refer to page The setting is canceled if the Decode mode is switched. By keeping these songsorganized in playlists, the DVA can use these to ease songsearches.

The selected song is played back. Quick SearchRepeat PlayYou can search for songs. Only Repeat One is available for iPod.

Visual customizing, External device | Alpine DVA User Manual | Page 27 / 73 | Original mode

A single song is repeatedly played back. The file will be played repeatedly. Turn the Rotary encoder within 10 seconds toselect a desired track file. The selected track is played back immediately. Press the button to go back to the beginningof the current track. Press and hold to fastreverse. Press the button to go back to the beginningof the current file. Hold for more than 5seconds to reverse the disc at 8 timesthe normal speed. Switches the disc mode. To avoid damage, short battery life,operational errors and poor response, observe thefollowing.

The data is represented as microscopic pits recorded into thetrack these pits are read by a laser beam to play the disc.

CDsMinimum pitlength – 0. Manuap Case of DifficultyIf you encounter a problem, please turn the power off, then on again.