With dual-piston pumping and electrolytic suppression,the affordable ICS combines high sensitivity with set-and-forget convenience. Vacuum degas and. With dual-piston pumping and electrolytic suppression,the ICS combines high sensitivity with set-and-forget convenience. Vacuum degas and column. This Dionex ICS Ion Chromatograph performs Cation and Anion analysis using a conductivity cell detector.

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The affordable ICS, with dual-piston pumping and electrolytic suppression, combines high sensitivity with set-and-forget convenience. Vacuum degas and column heater options further improve baseline stability and yield lower 1010 limits. Compact and easy to operate, the ICS delivers solid performance at an attractive price.

Chemically inert, metal-free PEEK pump heads and flow paths compatible with aqueous eluents of pH 0—14 and reversed-phase solvents. Dual-pump head, wash can be continuous when connected to rinse solution supply. Upper limit 0—35 MPa or 0— psi in one unit MPa or psi increments; lower limit can be set up to one unit lower than upper limit.


Settable range is equal to working range. Both membrane and MonoDiskTM suppression bed types available.

Dionex ICS RFIC (Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography)

Both membrane and MonoDisk suppression bed types available. Anion SRS 4 mm: SRS 4 mm: SRS 2 mm: MMS 4 mm: MMS 2 mm: AES Anion or Cation: Full control through Chromeleon software; alternative control through TTL or relay closures; two relay outputs, two Doonex outputs, four programmable inputs.

Increase your lab’s productivity with electrolytic suppression. Run for a month on a single 4 L batch of eluent Automate sample preparation with the addition of an optional auxiliary sample preparation valve.

Enjoy contamination-free, trouble-free, IC with durable PEEK flow paths which stand up to your toughest acidic and basic eluents. Eliminate preinjection sample processing with automated sample preparation techniques like filtration and matrix elimination.

Serial dual-reciprocating pistons, microprocessor-controlled constant stroke, variable speed. Remains fully calibrated for extended periods Yes, standard feature.

Dionex Corporation – ICS-1100 Basic Integrated IC System

Results are traceable to a single calibration. Consumables usage monitoring for predictive maintenance. Microprocessor-controlled digital signal processor. Passivated stainless steel. Inert, convoluted-path for low axial dispersion.


Dionex ICS IC System

Conditionals using Chromeleon and post run features. Yes, numerical device parameters can be plotted. Yes, evaluation mode standard, isocratic and gradient optional. Multivendor Automation Support of ic Party Instruments.

Yes, standard feature for independent dual system analysis. Yes, factory, present, and previous. Yes, standard feature with unlimited report workbooks.

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