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Giasone Jason is an opera in three acts and a prologue with music by Francesco Cavalli and a libretto by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini. Giasone was “the single most popular opera of the 17th century”. Two mythological characters appear in the prologue: Sole the sun, i.

Apollo and Amore love, i.

Sole opens with an aria about the gloriousness of the day because Giasone i. Jason will set out leading his Argonauts on a quest to find the Golden Fleece delizei or so it is expected. Sole is also elated that Giasone will marry his descendant Medea and so he lets forth his brightest light. In the following recitative, Amore chides Sole because no one has asked her for permission for this marriage.

After Amore’s aria, they argue over this problem for the remainder of the prologue without resolution and they intend to fight one another. A recitative begins with the Argonaut Ercole i. Herculeswho complains that Giasone has not awoken yet, even though the sun is shining. He is perturbed because Giasone has grown soft as a result of enjoying the pleasures of love with Queen Conetnte and as a result he has been neglecting his duties.

Captain Besso enters and tries to convince Ercole that all men have their vices and so he should not be too concerned. Ercole, being a man of honor, tells Besso that is too effeminate, to which Besso replies: Giasone enters and sings the aria “Delizie, contenti” of his contentment in seeking sexual pleasure. Ercole admonishes him for neglecting to prepare for battle and the two discuss duty versus the pleasures of love.

Medea is alone singing a strophic aria “Se dardo pungente” about the pain of desiring love. She is joined by Egeo i. King Aegus of Athens and together delizir discuss their marriage, which Medea would like to terminate. Egeo is unable to deal with this and he asks Medea to kill him with a dagger. She refuses and leaves. Alone, Egeo laments over his lost love with the recitative “Si parte, mi deride? Orestes introduces himself as Isifile’s Queen of Lemnos spy in Colchis on a mission to get information about Giasone, but he is afraid of getting caught.

Orestes meets the comic character Demo, who introduces himself to Delzie as a brave and handsome hunchback in the aria “Son gobbo, son Demo”. After a lengthy conversation, Demo agrees to meet with Orestes and give him information about Giasone a later time.

Delfa Medea’s nurse sings the aria “Voli il tempo” about how she has renounced love in her old age. She notices that Giasone is approaching and tells Medea that this is her chance to talk to him. Giasone addresses Medea, who reproaches him for not living up to his duties as father of his twin children. This is the second time that Giasone has been scolded shirking responsibility!


She tells him to wait and she will return with the mother of his children. Alone, Giasone contemplates his situation i. Medea returns with Delfa and she tells him that she is the mother of his children and his lover. Giasone is filled with joy upon learning this. Giasone and Medea leave Delfa alone, who wishes the couple well, but questions the virtue of having illegitimate children.

In the countryside with huts near the mouth of the Ibero, Isifile is in a trance and singing the lament aria “Lassa, che far degg’io? Later Medea is in her magic chamber performing witchcraft and singing the aria “Dell’antro magico” in order to invoke Pluto King of the Underworld and ask him to protect Giasone while he is away seeking the Golden Fleece.

A Chorus of Spirits responds to her call and they agree to help Giasone by giving him a magical ring. Ellen Rosand remarks that this is the most famous scene in Giasone.

Isifile xelizie waiting for Orestes to return. She is in such grief that she lays down to rest. Alinda a Lady then sings a cheerful aria “Per provo so” on the subject of finding new love as a cure for pain.

Orestes arrives and Isifile scorns him for having been absent and tempts him to kiss her, then falls asleep. Orestes sings the contentr aria “Vaghi labbri scoloriti” and decides to kiss her. She awakens her and tells him she burns for him, but then asks about Giasone. Orestes reports that Giasone no longer loves her, but has another lover in Colchis.

Furthermore, he tells her that Giasone is planning to quest for the Golden Fleece and that his ship might have a chance to talk with him when his ship passes by. Isifile dslizie the aria “Speranze fuggite” interspersed with recitative considering her situation.

At the keep of the fortress with the golden fleece, Medea, Jason and Delfa arrive. Trumpet music and stile concitato gestures suggest the martial atmosphere. The combat between Giasone and the monster “a proud horned beast” deliizie place. The strings make drum-like martial gestures in an instrumental sinfonia that accompanies the action.

After the combat, Medea ensures Giasone is not injured. Ercole advises him to leave soon because the people are rising against him for taking the Golden Fleece. Demo arrives to observe and notes that Giasone is returning to the ships. He sings the comic aria “Con arti e con lusinghe” in which he scorns women for using their wiles and swears that he will never be fooled by their trickery by falling in love.

Egeo realizes that Medea has left him for Giasone and he is mad with jealousy. He and Demo chase after them. The scene changes to the Cavern of Aeolus. Here the deelizie Jove i. Jupiter and Aeolus resolve to create a storm to shipwreck Cohtente so that he will return to Isifile in Lemnos. A Chorus of Winds responds to their commands. Returning to earth to a demolished harbor and a storm at sea, Orestes and Alinda discuss Isifile’s jealousy that has driven her to madness.

They sing delizi duet “Sai, ch’io t’amo” and confirm their love for each other. Demo and Orestes have a long discussion with Demo complaining about the storm and worries for his life. He reports while Egeo was pursuing Giasone in his tiny skiff he fell into the water and drowned. Moreover, the storm is forcing the Argonauts to land at Lemnos. Orestes will inform Isifile.


The scene opens with a love duet dslizie, o bella” by Deliize and Medea. In the recitative that follows, Ercole praises Giasone for having lived up to his manly duties while Medea contenre his passionate love for her. Orestes arrives and tells Giasone that Isifile is looking for him. Gisaone and Medea agree to meet with her, although Medea admits jealousy.

Il Giasone – Delizie contente

She wants to know who Isifile is. Giasone makes up a story that she is a hussy and that he does not love her, but Medea remains skeptical. Giasone and Medea meet with Isifile. She approaches Giasone, but he reassures Medea that he is not interested in her. Giasone humors Isifile’s pleas for him to return. Isifile says that Giasone has given her a child, but Giasone denies that he ever loved her.

Isifile’s emotion switches from bliss to anger in this mad scene. Besso again defends Giasone for seeking love in the aria “D’affeto sincero.

Besso and Alinda then flirt with each other. When Besso tells Alinda that he is a soldier, she does not believe him because he has no wounds or scars.

Jacob Druckman – Delizie contente che l’Alme Beate after Francesco Cavalli

Set in a flowery glade, Besso and Delfa discuss Giasone’s conflicting marriages to Medea and Isifile. In a sleep scene, in which Medea and Giasone sing the duet “Dormi, dormi”, they fall asleep in each other’s arms after he tells her that he will dream of her beauty.

Besso finds Giasone and Medea sleeping with each other and feels some jealousy, for he too wants to find love. He delziie the strophic aria “Non e pui bel piacer. She has been looking in vain for Giasone and has come to the glade to rest, but then she finds the two lovers sleeping. She awakens Giasone and they argue. Giasone is concerned that Medea will awaken and find him with Isifile.

In fact, Medea has awoken but continues to feign sleeping so that she can overhear their conversation. Giasone promises to return the honor he has taken from Isifile. She does not believe him, but Giasone swears and gives her a kiss. Medea now rises and scorns Giasone for his disloyalty.

To atone for this transgression, Giasone agrees to have Besso murder Isifile in an aside to Medea, who then leaves, pretending to allow Giasone to return to Isifile. Giasone then instructs Isifile to go in secret to meet Besso in the Valley of the Orseno and ask him if he has carried out his orders. Giasone meets with Besso and tells him to go to the Valley of Orseno and conente for a messenger who will ask if he has carried out his orders. He instructs Besso to throw relizie messenger into the sea.

It is night in the countryside, and Egeo dressed as a sailor is with Demo dressed as a peasant with a lantern. Egeo begins with the aria “Perch’io torni a penar” in which he complains about his miserable situation as a slave of unrequited love for Medea.