DECRETO 2649 Y 2650 DE 1993 PDF

Many translated example sentences containing “decrees and of ” – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish de – Moniteur Belge de viernes 26 de enero de – Real Decreto sobre contratos [. ..]. Según el cronograma de aplicación previsto en el Decreto mencionado, las estados financieros oficiales conforme a los Decretos y de Decreto de IVA servicios desde el exterior. Por el cual se Decreto de Tasa de cambio representativa del mercado en materia tributaria.

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Practice-based research is not uncommon in healthcare. In fact, the way nurses and doctors train is through extensive and intensive practice [1]. In other words, practice-based research has been used to gain new knowledge partly by means 1939 practice and the outcomes of that practice [2]. Practice based research networks have also been gaining on importance in healthcare as ways of addressing research questions informed by practicing clinicians.

They aim to gather data and improve existing practices of primary care [3], practice-based research is not only about gaining new knowledge via practice and improving existing practices. I used interview excerpts and examples of projects related to healthcare at different universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands and Germany also known as polytechnics in Portugal to advance the role of practice-based research in educational innovation.

This type of research is an integral part of teaching and curricular assignments in the healthcare settings in the Netherlands and Germany, and particularly at universities decrsto applied sciences. 2560 emphasized how practice-based research can improve and enrich the curricula, while at the same time, building necessary skills of future decretp professionals and improving practices in already existing healthcare institutions.

Its role is multidimensional and dialectic insofar it serves multitude goals and is accomplished in dialogue among relevant stakeholders [6].

Practice-based research is more than knowledge acquisition via practice. Its role and goals expand to enriching educational curricula with a more comprehensive engagement of external 26550 professional stakeholders, at the same time vecreto to student soft and professional skill development and solving stakeholder problems or optimizing services and products at local or regional levels. Jama, ; 4: Information-seeking behaviors of practitioners in a primary care practice-based research network PBRN.

Journal of the Medical Library Association, ;93 2: Role of practice-based research networks in comparative effectiveness research. Journal of comparative effectiveness research. Professional field in the accreditation process: Responding to new policy demands: A comparative study of Portuguese and Dutch non-university higher education organizations. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Training 6249 for new jobs: The role of technical and vocational higher education and implications for science policy in Portugal.

Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Practice-based research, Short term, Problem oriented, Healthcare, Universities of applied sciences.

What happens with old gays? It still impacts us, and what do we do with it?

Do we let it pass? Do we encourage them? Throughout the centuries, sex has been postulated as the impulse that gives life to people. Sexuality is a vital dimension that is present in all stages of life, at least since adolescence. It contributes significantly to health and quality of life and is, moreover, a right recognized by international organizations such as the World Health Organization WHO [4, ]. Despite this, old age has traditionally been considered as a stage in which sexual needs would be absent, in which people are no longer interested or have the capacity to lead an active sexual life [, 11].

This belief limits access to sexuality due to fear of failure, to consider that it is no longer correct, that it can be sick or perverse. The studies carried out, in our country and internationally, show that the majority of the elderly, and especially those who have a partner, are still sexually active until very old ages [].

The keys to continue carrying and enjoying a quality sexual life in old age should be recognized and admitted at a social level, and among others, we should start; to be free of prejudices and stereotypes that condemn the elderly to lack of desire, or that associate sexuality in old age to something dirty or morally condemnable. Stop associating youth and sexuality. Do not assume the possible problems or difficulties that may appear as irreversible barriers.


Age influences the decrease in sexual activity and interest, but not in satisfaction. It is demonstrated yy sex and sexuality play an important role in healthy and full aging [,11]. Taking into account these premises, throughout the presentation will present the results of a study conducted in the Canary H among people over 65 years, users of senior centers whose main objective was; obtain j on sexual activity, sexuality and whether age-related pathologies have affected their sexual relations.

Baudracco CP, Romero M. En Derecho a la Identidad.

NIIF – Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera

A sexualidade sob o olhar da pessoa idosa. Los adultos mayores y la efectividad de sus derechos.

decrfto Nuevas realidades decrefo el derecho de familia. Sexualidad y afectos en la vejez. Masters W, Johnson V. Revista Cubana de Medicina General Integral. Frail older adults are more susceptible to falls, fractures, disability, dependency, hospitalization and institutionalization [1].

Physical and cognitive decline, associated with frailty, potentiate the development of geriatric syndromes decret lead to g decrease in self-care, depressive vulnerability and dw decrease in quality of life [2]. Adapted physical exercise and cognitive stimulation allow the maintenance of physical and cognitive capacities, which is reflected in an improvement on the functional status of the elderly and in a reduction of associated comorbidities [3].

To promote independent living in frail older adults by improving cognition and gait ability and using assistive products.

It is planned to develop a combined intervention that will be composed by a digital cognitive stimulation program and an adapted physical exercise program. It is also being developed an auto-blocking kit mechanism for rolling walkers as an assistive product that could be used during the physical exercise program. A randomized-controlled trial will be developed to test the efficacy of the combined intervention in frail older adults.

Through the implementation of a multidisciplinary strategy, significant benefits are expected in the prevention and maintenance of physical and cognitive decline of the frail older adults. It is hoped that for frail older adults the combined intervention and its digital components would be synonymous of autonomy and improvement of their quality of life, contributing to active aging.

The project, being based and tested in clinical practice, will guide health professionals, caregivers and general public to promote the independence of this population. Cognitive interventions and physical exercise have impact on cognitive decline, a condition that assumes more importance once it is related with frailty in older adults.

This multidisciplinary strategy gives the opportunity to older adults to act actively in their health through the spontaneous performance of cognitive and physical exercises available on the web platform.

The current abstract is being presented on behalf of a research group. Effectiveness of interventions to prevent pre-frailty and frailty progression in older adults: Cognitive interventions for cognitively healthy, mildly impaired and dcereto samples of older adults: Aged, Cognitive decline, Cognitive stimulation, Frailty, Physical exercise.

These digital services aim to provide access to more information, allowing the users to make better informed decisions. Simple and accessible to all users, this area allows personal health information access in one place at any j, thus avoiding unnecessary commuting. This area has access monitoring and permission policy configurations, allowing the Citizen to view access history and configure access permissions to their health information, thus increasing control ed management of their own personal health information.

Despite the overall increase in living standards decreti the introduction of universal health systems, many studies have identified persistent inequalities in all industrialized countries. The Southern European countries, namely Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, although the reforms of the s and s introduced universal national health services, social inequalities decerto health only became a critical issue in the late s. However, the issue dwcreto health inequalities became a priority fromwhen although with different degrees of severity the four countries began to feel the first effects of the financial crisis.

Various studies have identified the impact of the economic crisis on the most vulnerable population groups, with increasing rates of mental health disorders and a rise in suicides. After a brief contextualization of the 1939 state in southern European countries and a characterization of health systems in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, the main health inequalities are described, identifying the potential inequity induced by the reform processes undertaken and the current austerity policies implemented.


The study resulted from a non-systematic literature review, based on the Scoping review proposal. A total of 74 publications were analysed. 6250 analysis has highlighted common characteristics and trends in the Southern European health systems, as well as some significant differences between them.

DECRETO Y by andrea trujillo reyes on Prezi

In the four countries, the social gradient particularly in education, income, and work status is the principal determinant factor in health inequalities. Another key 265 is the steady increase in out-of-pocket spending in health as a percentage of total health spending 2605 all four countries, markedly in Greece and Portugal. The analysis has identified potential inequalities induced by the reform processes, as result of new relations between the public and private sectors in services provision.

Geographic inequality in health is another critical issue, observed in all four Southern European countries. Finally, the recent debate in the international fecreto on the relationship between different welfare state regimes and health inequalities will be discussed.

The crisis and austerity policies have greatly increased the level of dissatisfaction with healthcare provision in these countries. Recent studies have demonstrated that the etiology of this disease may be associated with alterations in the function of the carotid body CBa chemosensor organ located within the bifurcation of the carotid artery.

In animal models of metabolic syndrome, it was observed that the CBs are overactivated, underlying diseases such as 26649, hypertension and T2DM.

This discovery provided decreeto new paradigm in the neuroendocrinology field, suggesting that diagnostic function of the CBs has predictive value for the development of metabolic diseases. Despite this fact, it is not common in clinical practice to look at the CBs as organs associated with endocrine dysfunction and we believe this is probably due to the nonexistence of a user-friendly, portable medical device that diagnosis the function of the CBs.

The general aim of this work is to develop a novel device that evaluates the function of the carotid bodies – a CBmeter. We are also developing a standard test dcreto to be used as a physiological dynamic test during CBmeter utilization. This medical device will synchronously assess several physiological variables: The results obtained will be analyzed using MatLab, in order to develop an algorithm with predictive value for early diagnosis of metabolic diseases.

We are also developing a standard test mixed- defreto to assess post-prandial glucose excursions with the CBmeter. The work is currently in the prototype development phase. A preliminary pilot-test performed with the prototype revealed that all the proposed variables are assessable with 260 CBmeter. The standardized vecreto meal used in the pilot-test caused a glucose excursion curve that stabilized 30 minutes after ingestion, being suitable for metabolic evaluation with the CBmeter.

Interstitial glucose variation was Heart rate did not vary significantly after the meal ingestion.

Proceedings of the 4th IPLeiria’s International Health Congress

The CBmeter prototype is currently optimized to be used in a medical device clinical-trial with healthy volunteers. The mixed meal developed has proven to be suited in healthy volunteers to determine variations in CB-related cardiorespiratory parameters.

There are several studies showing that the family members providing care to their relatives need to acquire abilities that enable them to be competent in their performance, having the health care professionals an indispensable role in their training [1].

Empowering caregivers can help in reducing health care costs, improve the quality of life of both user and caregiver [2], their mental health [3] and greater satisfaction with their care [4].