RP Rules · The Index · The Armoury · Bretonnia; A History · Spellbooks > · Dance of the Dragon · Songs of Wind and Water · Ilusia Genjutsa · Warriors Roar. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just. The Librarium Daemonica is a unique respository of knowledge on the warp and Chaos that is housed within the 22; 2: Codex: Grey Knights (5th Edition), pg.

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Daemonica (mystery game set in psuedo-medieval England)

Once you have passed the moderation period think of it as a testyou will be able to post normally, just like all the other retards. Dec 2, Messages: Vault boy’s secret hideout. Mar 10, Stats Ignoring. May 27, Messages: The game don’t have many different options in dialogues, you can do like 1 fight more depending on dialogues, and few things can change at end depending on what you did, so the game fell unfinished because of luck of options, and it is small you can complite hole game in day or two.


Writings is good the story is interesting but only at the beginning it getting worse later. Other then text there is no rpg elements in game, most of the problems you solve by dialogue. Feb 17, Messages: May 9, Messages: Oh Jesus but this game sucks Ranged attacks are mentioned in the manual, which never happens in the game. Combat is tedious, dialogue choices boil down to zero, plus you’re forced to roleplay a dimwit. And there’s multiple endings!

Which are decided in the last minute of the game, though. I checked two out of I guess three possibilities. Only the first paragraph changes in the fucking long-winded tale which is the reward for your dameonica thru this epitome of mediocrity.

For me it was an adventure game although, considering unrelieved fucking tedium, this too codsx a misnomerpure and simple. Not an RPG, not by any stretch of definition or imagination. The graphics seemed decent, for what it’s worth, but that’s just icing on a shit cake. In what countries has this game been released since daemonkca already played it? Some things reflect the ending throught but those are very minor, the game seems unfinished as i’ve said. I would not pay full price for it for sure.

Dec 29, Messages: If you really wanna see a great adventure-RPG, try Pathologic.


NationStates • View topic – Codex Daemonica: Abridged Edition (Reports on Supernatural)

If it’s released abroad, of course May 3, Messages: Feb 4, Messages: In my country the system operates YOU. Mar 7, Messages: Mar 11, Stats Ignoring. Just because a game uses Isometric perspective doesn’t automatically make it an RPG. Daemonica is an adventure game, coodex never meant to be anything other than an adventure game. There’s no mention of RPG anywhere in it’s website. Its combat derives from action games rather than RPGs.

Think Entomorph, and to a lower extent, Bloodnet. People who buy this game thinking they’re buying NWN or Diablo will be sorely disappointed, and I don’t doubt a few people not necessarily from here will purchase it just because of code perspective.

And really, that’s probably what the developers intended. Aug 20, Messages: Stop editing your local copy and making some shit up.

Word “isometric” never pops up in that article. Shouldn’t the header read Computer role-playing game? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: