I am the MArch Programme Director at CCAE (), the founder and Principal of Architecture 53seven (), and Co-Founder of DATUM [ Architectural. The CCAE National Conference in Hamilton, Ontario, will explore big ideas with big energy as we + – CCAE National Conference Click to collapse. Congratulations to the CCAE honorees Since , The Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE) embodies the voice of the.

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Limerick inand The University of Edinburgh in Any critically-based works must also be capable of dealing with the unforeseen and the unexpected; and in order to deal with such contingent conditions- the design project must be constructed through subtle acts of observation and speculation, whereby even the act of drawing including models and text-making has its own epistemological value.

Understood in this way, the drawing itself has become a site of inquiry for us; which critically has an inherent speculative potential in the establishing of new formal, spatial and programmatic possibilities.

In doing so, it allows the work to develop through a series of permutative and combinational interests; tethering bodily, spatial, and atmospheric conditions and the architectural project itself. Such practices expose a wide range of alternative measures in dealing with the study of contemporary city and its urban landscapes. My interest in this wider field of disciplinary exchange, is to move toward the making and writing of architecture, and instead to produce sites that continually operates in a dissensual way- which in ccea indicates an interest in forming critical research inquiry Ccad purpose of attempting to extend these referencing terms, is that I consider it important that ideas of scholarship and learning are constructed within a distinct cultural and epistemological environment.

Inherent in these explorations is the ambition to craftily intermingle the old and new, and to find ways to productively heighten the experiential and circumstantial- in ways that rely on being simultaneously protomodern and radically near future, and in order to expose new potentialities for architecture and the 21st century city. The profusion ccar models, 22009 and ccse indicate a strong commitment to expressive aesthetics, tactile materiality and the poetics of contemporary urbanism.


University College Cork

Found objects are incorporated and transformed, indicating the relevance of the past to the present, and the effects of one on the other. Instruments and devices pervade the display but, rather than dry machines, they are means to understand the self in relation to society and to cultivate the personal and collective imagination.

Among its many successes, the MArch programme recognises that the buildings and cities we inhabit are infused with myths, which affect how and what we perceive. The same challenge applies to the Cork School of Architecture, as the works produced in this MArch programme so evocatively recognises.

Responsible for coordination of course in line with Professional Bodies Accreditation. Cookies We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website.

The work considers appropriate modes of investigation of the urban environment, that consider and develop new spatial and programmatic forms that reflect the complexities of contemporary life. Buildings of Ireland Central Leinster Region. O’Shaughnessy ‘Entry Points’ In: Jennifer Sandner, Rebecca Wigley eds.

O’Regan, John ; Dearey, Nicola eds. New Irish architecture Architectural Association of Ireland and Gandon Editions. O’Shaughnessy Spiralling Tendencies: Artwork [Details] The Great 2009. Artwork [Details] Glasnevin Centenary Chapel. Artwork [Details] Deja Vu. O’Shaughnessy Deja Vu. Artwork [Details] Tullamore Arts Centre. O’Shaughnessy Tullamore Arts Centre. Artwork [Details] Cascina Merlata Milano. Ccze [Details] Longford Civic Offices.

Artwork [Details] Kyrls Quay. 20099, Architecture 53seven Kyrls Quay. Exhibitions [Details] The City as Palimpsest. O’Shaughnessy The City as Palimpsest. O’Shaughnessy Translating the Translator.

Articles [Details] Visual- thinking big. O’Shaughnessy Visual- thinking big. Articles [Details] Daniel Libeskind in Dublin. Articles [Details] Eglinton House. Architecture Ireland incorporating Irish architect Eglinton House.

Articles [Details] North 53, West 7: Denise Maguire Dcae 53, West 7: Articles [Details] The Young Irish. Emmett Scanlon The Young Irish. Caroline Allen Architectural practice profile – Architecture 53Seven. Articles [Details] It must be considered that Irish Architecture has yet to produce visionary healthcare buildings. O’Shaughnessy It must be considered that Irish Architecture has yet to produce visionary healthcare buildings. Architecture 53seven The airborne monolith – Egan’s juice bar and roof terrace, Portlaoise, Co Laois.

Something strange and rather 20009 in Portlaoise. Articles [Details] Architecture 53Seven. Denise Maguire Architecture 53Seven. Articles [Details] Irish architecture awards ; Selected for exhibition.

Architecture Ireland incorporating Irish architect Irish architecture awards ; Selected for exhibition. Jason Walsh Signature building. Jason O’Shaughnessy A temporary exhibition: O’Shaughnessy Practice and Research in Architecture. Invited Lectures [Details] Beyond the Pale. O’Shaughnessy Beyond the Pale. Invited Lectures [Details] Fresh-air-kitecture: Jason O’Shaughnessy Through the looking glass.


O’Shaughnessy Practicing in Architecture. University College Dublin Thesis Workshops: Architecture 53seven Hill [side] House. Built Works [Details] Small projects part 1: Denise Maguire Small projects part 1: Built Works [Details] The airbourne monolith. Ulster Architect The airbourne monolith.

O’Shaughnessy Irredento Landscapes: Hejduk and Beckett’s Purgatoria. OShaughnessy Spiralling Tendencies: O’Shaughnessy Architecture Research Moments [i] O’Shaughnessy Architecture Middling. O’Shaughnessy Architecture and The City.

O’Shaughnessy The Future City. An upcoming event in will see a research symposium and exhibition held during Istanbul Design Week Novemberwhich will explore the hidden potential and unexpected conditions of The City, through a series of mediating lenses- from academics, artists, writers and architects.

CCEA 2009 Annual General Meeting

This forum will seek to situate distinct aspects of cultural, spatial and topographical complexities of the 21st century city, and is an opportunity for a radical review of emergent spatial practice in Ireland- one that challenges the position of architecture within the wider public and cultural context.

I am a founding partner and Research Director of this collaborative practice involved in developing new forms of spatial and material explorations that are primarily inter-disciplinary.

The central activities of this emerging practice are around exploring art, technology, and architecture at all scales and forms. It works closely with public art galleries emerging art practices and networks and academic institutions in Ireland and overseas. Design and develop forward planning principles.

Coordination of scheduling of teaching personnel. Search profiles by name Search by name Search. Search by topic Search. Choose areas of the website to search Website People Courses. Roving Agencies in Architectural Reseach. Ideas for a Primary School of the 21st Century.

Royal Adelaide Hospital International Competition. Post-Primary School of the Future. Hackney Wick White Building Initiative.

Bord Gais Networks Headquarters. Edinburgh Civic Silver Medal. Royal Scottish Academy Summer Exhibition. Alexander Greek Thompson Memorial Competition. cce

UCC Research Profiles: Jason O’Shaughnessy, Cork Centre for Architectural Education

The City as Palimpsest. Building Design Young Architect of the Year. Daniel Libeskind in Dublin.