8 Results Buy CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD at Cat® ET, create a “Smart Machine” that optimizes performance and availability. pg. ✓. Structures, Drawbar, Circle and. Moldboard. The M frame provides . View updated Caterpillar M Motor Grader specs. Get dimensions, size, weight , detailed specifications and compare to similar Motor Grader models.

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Unprecedented operator comfort and ease of service help to maximize your return on investment. Programmable Autoshift option simplifies operation by allowing transmission to be programmed to shift at optimal points to match application.

Power Shift Countershaft Transmission matches to engine, maximizing power to the ground.

Caterpillar M Motor Grader Specs & Dimensions :: RitchieSpecs

caterpillaf Electronic Throttle Control helps improve productivity by providing best match of horsepower and torque for application demands. Aggressive blade angle, optimized moldboard curvature and large throat clearance allow material to roll more freely along blade, increasing efficiency. Hydraulic demand fan automatically adjusts speed according to cooling requirements resulting in more power to the ground and improved fuel efficiency.

Engine idle shutdown is available to shut down engine after a set period of time saving fuel and helping reduce emissions.


Motor Graders

Selectable blade lift modes – Fine, Normal, or Coarse – allow you to choose the blade lift modulation mode that best fits your application in operating style. Left joystick controls steering, articulation, return-to-center, wheel lean, gear selection, left moldboard lift cylinder and float.

Articulation Return-to-Center automatically returns machine to a straight frame position from any angle with the touch of a button. Angled cab doors, tapered engine enclosure and sloped rear window increase visibility. Optional rear vision camera enhances sight to rear of machine.

Convenient access from the top of the circle to the patented top-adjust wear strips and inserts make them easy to add or czterpillar. Shimless Moldboard Retention System uses vertical and horizontal adjusting screws to keep moldboard wear strips aligned for reduced blade chatter and precise blade control.

Control pods can be adjusted electronically, making it easy to set to ideal operating position. Standard Cat Comfort Series suspension seat is fully adjustable. Shuttle Shift allows smooth, fast direction shifts without requiring you to manipulate the throttle or inching pedal.

Optional Stable Blade improves grading by decreasing engine speed at 15 percent intervals when machine bounce is detected then increases engine rpm systematically when grader stabilizes.


Optional Auto Articulation allows you to articulate automatically while steering in tight spaces or around curves, obstacles, and turnarounds.

Optional Cat Advanced Control Joysticks allow you daterpillar control automated grading solutions efficiently and safely without removing your hands from the joysticks. Please fix the errors below to continue. Click here to enter full address.

Yes, I would like to receive future marketing communications such as email from Caterpillar Inc. Your product information is ready for download. Performance Programmable Autoshift option caterpillad operation by allowing transmission to be programmed to shift at optimal points to match application. Headlights, high; Headlights, low; Working lights, basic; Working lights, plus; Warning: Maximum torque VHP Plus measured at 1, rpm.

Net power advertised is the power available at rated speed of 2, rpm, measured at the flywheel when engine is equipped with fan running at minimum speed, air cleaner, muffler and alternator. Power as declared per ISO No engine derating required up to m 10, ft.