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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” The Barons’ War: Including the Battles of Lewes and Evesham ” See other formats Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online.

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You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http: The distant view of the Castle and Battle Field of Lewes having led the Author to examine, with additional interest, the causes and circum- stances of the great event which has given them a place in history, he felt that the mere details of a sanguinary contest would be imsatisfactory, unless, in some degree, illustrated by the manners and temper of the times, as well as by the characters and motives of the chief actors.

He has not there- fore scrupled to digress widely with that object, and the intended narrative of a day has insensibly swelled into a sketch of many years; but on con- sidering the importance of that period of British history, it cata,ogo not appear that justice would other- wise be done to the subject. Honel may well be felt by those who are not conversant with the rude materials from which History has to be constructed, at cahalogo confusion and contradictions of the various chronicles relating to these times: Much of their discrepancy, cataloo, becomes corrected by the authentic test of public documents, and much by a due considera- tion of the circumstances of the writers.


While party bias, for they had party even in those days, often induced some to distort facts, others, from the seclusion of their habits, had no means of accurately ascertaining even contemporary events; not a few wrote a century too late for collecting original evi- dence, cstalogo many in their indiscriminate records did not refuse even ” profane and old-wives’ fables.

The weight of each witness thus requiring adjustment in the balance, a list of gonl principal references has been subjoined, somewhat explanatory of their re- lative value. Several specimens of the quaint but characteristic poetry of the age have been purposely introduced in evidence of the opinions then current, and the aspect of their antique phraseology has been occasionally rendered less forbidding by translation.

Index of /download/Gonel

The following pages cxtalogo not intended as a dis- quisition on the origin and nature cataloyo Parliaments, so ably treated by others, and being but ” an ancient tale new told,” may not present many new facts to the historical student, yet it is hoped that the details, goneo gathered from their original sources, and here newly combined, may impart to some readers a clearer view or a warmer interest in so remark- able a crisis of British history.

After Mr Blaauw’s death, I learned that he had been preparing a second edition of the Barons’ War when he was struck down by the iUness that even- tually carried him off. There was a difficulty in finding any one who could see the sheets through the press.

Under these circumstances I volimteered to give what catalovo I could. When the papers came into my hands, I foimd that the author had scarcely touched the text except to make a few verbal cor- rections, most of which had been suggested to him by his friend, the well-known archaeologist, Mr Weston S.

On the other hand there was a mass of notes, many cataloho which were quotations from modern authors or picturesque extracts from chronicles that had struck Mr Blaauw’s fancy. Al- together, I think, several pages had been transcribed from Jocelin de Brakelond. It was clearly unneces- sary to reprint these, and I have therefore had the difficult task of sifting what was to be retained from catwlogo preface.

My practice has been to keep all that was derived from unprinted sources, and all that related to family history: In a few cases where Mr Wal- ford’s notes had not been transcribed by Mr Blaauw I believe merely from the interruption of illnessI have added them and distinguished them by the letters W.

I need not say that no care of an editor can in any appreciable degree replace the last touchings and remodellings of an author. Nevertheless judged by what it is, I believe Mr Blaauw’s work will long continue to hold a high place among works of its kind. I confess to thinking that the Barons’ War is even now unsurpassed as a editor’s preface. Some day it will no doubt be superseded, for there are still unused records to be drawn upon.


So thorough and modest a student as Mr Blaauw would have been the first to disclaim the praise of having left nothing for his successors to add: I have to return my best thanks to Mr F. Luard, who besides doing me the same good oflfice, has supplied catalpgo valuable corrections throughout the book. The Index is due to the author’s son, Mr T.

Tbikxtt Colleoe, Cambbidob, May 28, By Heniy Wharton, folio, London,contains the account of the affairs of Durham Cathedral from toby Bobert de Graystanes, Sub- Prior of Durham, who was elected Bishop by catlaogo conventand consecrated in spite of the king’s prohibition. A graphic intelli- gent writer. Art de verifier les Dates— 3 T. Luard for the Becord Commission.

Edited by Heame, and more lately by the Bev. Langued Chronicle by an impartial Languedocian of the Albi- gensian war, from to Becueil des Histoires de la France, Tom. IB much burnt and shrivelled by fire in the pages relating to Chronica Jocelini de Brakelond, a monk of S. Printed by the Maitland Club in 4to. The catqlogo of Lewes is described on the au- thority of a nobleman there present protestante mihi uno nobili qui ibi fuerat bonel, and also that of Goenl ore tenus attestante cataloho uno illorum qui adversus eum dimicavit.

Laudunense a Bruto usque ad Chronicle by the monks of Mailros, in Galloway, begunand continued to by various hands, goel by one partial to the Barons in Berum Anglic.

Chronicle of John de Ozenede, Benedictine monk of S. Hulme, continued to Ellis for the Cafalogo Commission. Ramsey Chronicle by a monk of Ramsey, written before L, quoted in potes to Bishanger’s Chr. Thorpe in the second yolume of Florence of Worcester, as the continuation of that author. Chronicle of Worcester, MSS. Luard for the Record Commission. EpistolflB Adamie de Marisco, a Franciscan monk of much learning. Professor Brewer for the Record Commission.

Recueil des Hist, de la France, tome XX. Chronicle of Walter Hemingford, a monk of Gisbum, where he died He had good gondl of obtaining information from eye-witnesses for his histoiy, which extends to Warin drowned at Lewes, instead of to his father. Gobel parts printed as prose appear to be verse.

Louis by his friend and fellow- crusader the Sire Jean de Joinville, bomdied Aldis Wright for the Record Commission. Liber de antiquis legibus, a copy, in MSS. HarLof the London chronicle possessed by the corporation, a register of contemporaneous events. Stapleton for the Camden Society. This “son of a burnt father” is a chronicle written by Londoners from time to time as the events occurred from to Greathead, Bishop of Lincoln, for the Countess of Lincoln.

Alban’s, is of the best authority for events during his life ; he cxtalogo He frequently describes personal interviews with Henry III.

Miracnla Simonis de Monteforti, printed with Rish- anger’s Chr. Nangisf Histoire de S. Lonis, by William de Nangis, a monk of S. Annals to in French and Latin —good contemporaneous authority. Nichols, Leicest Historyof Leicestershire by J. Russell, in Part I. NobiHty of England from to Songs Political Songs of England from E. John to Edward n.

Wright catalobo the Camden Society ; a very curious and interesting collection of contemporary evidences of popular feeling. Raspe, London, Cadell Alban’Sy continuing that of Matthew Paris from toand published with gonep.

A competent con- temporary authority. Riley for the Record Commission. Lincolnbegun