BWT AQA SMART BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG DOWNLOAD – Author: Samara Travis Country: Spain Language: English (Spanish) Genre. Die Wartungsintervalle entnehmen Sie bitte der Einbau- und Bedienungsanleitung. Bwt aqa smart bedienungsanleitung. Author: Kamari. BWT AQA smart – the space-saver par excellence among soft water systems. The single-column AQA smart soft water system, with its newly developed process.

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Produktdatenblatt AQA smart 8. Der Regeneriermittel und -Wasserverbrauch wird auf das technisch erforderliche Minimum reduziert. Weichwasseranlage AQA smart mit: Funktion Daten und Uhrzeit bleiben bei einem Spannungsausfall erhalten ca.

Die Anlage ist voreingestellt.

Bei speziellen Anforderungen ist eine Nachjustierung erforderlich. Die Anlage arbeitet nach dem Prinzip der intelligenten Regeneration. Die Anlage zeichnet sich durch die Einhaltung aller relevanten nationalen und internationalen Standards aus. Wenn kein Bodenablauf vorhanden ist, muss eine bauseitige Sicherheitseinrichtung, die stromlos die Wasserzufuhr absperrt z.

Einbauschema Wasserstop Druckminderer Dosieranlage optional erforderlich je nach Betriebsbedingungen Einspeisewasser Das einzuspeisende Hartwasser muss stets den Bedienungswnleitung der Trinkwasserverordnung bzw.

Das einzuspeisende Hartwasser muss stets frei von Luftblasen sein, ggf. Eine Weichwasseranlage reduziert die Konzentration an freiem Chlor und Chlordioxid, d. In Fliessrichtung maximal 1 m vor der Anlage muss ein Schutzfilter installiert werden. Hinweise hierzu finden sich in der DIN und den technischen Daten. Nach Zeiten ohne oder geringer Wasserentnahme z. Die Wartungsintervalle entnehmen Sie bitte der Einbau- bexienungsanleitung Bedienungsanleitung.

Wir empfehlen den Abschluss eines Wartungsvertrages. T1 mm Tiefe, ca. A mm Anschlussbreite mm 60 60 Kanalanschluss, mind. The consumption of regenerative and water is reduced bedienungsanlektung the technically required minimum.

BWT AQA smart – Produktdatenblatt |

Scope of supply The unit is equipped with a battery bedienungsanleifung protect against power failure. The unit is equipped with a device that disinfects the ion exchange resin during the regeneration.

This eliminates the need for a system or pipe separator.

AQA smart minimises malfunctions and damage due to calcification in water pipelines and the connected fittings, equipment, boilers etc. Function Capacity requirement-dependent unit controller Three capacity levels can be set on the controller, making the unit suitable for up to four residential units.


Time override If no water is used for four days, the electronic system triggers a regeneration. The system complies with all relevant national and international standards. AQA smart water softener with: Optional extras not included in scope of supply: Intelligent quantity-dependent regeneration When the unit is started, the available supply of softened water is programmed depending on the hardness of the untreated water. With intelligent regeneration, no remaining supply of softened water is discarded.

This intelligent regeneration method is only possible because of the precision flowmeter, www.

Water softeners may not be installed in water supply systems that provide water for fire extinguishing purposes. The pipeline network must be flushed before the unit is installed. The total dissolved iron and manganese may not exceed 0.

The hard water to be fed into the unit must always be free of air bubbles. If necessary, a bleed device must be installed. A water softener reduces the concentration of free chlorine and chlorine dioxide. In other words, the concentration in the outflow of a water softener is generally considerably lower than in the inflow. The unit should be sized in such a way that regeneration is necessary at least once a day based upon the throughput.

If water consumption is reduced, e. Use corrosion-resistant pipe materials for installation. Pay attention to corrosion-causing chemical properties when different pipe materials are combined mixed installationeven in the direction of flow upstream of the water softener.

A protective filter must be installed in the direction of flow no further than 1 m upstream from the unit. The filter must be functional before the water softener is installed.

This is the only way to ensure that dirt and corrosion products do not enter the water softener. You must check whether a mineral substance metering device needs to be installed downstream from the water softener for the purpose of preventing corrosion. Bedkenungsanleitung diagram Hydrostop Pressure reducer Metering unit Optional — but may be required, depending on operating conditions When installing the water softener, select a location where the unit can easily be connected to the water supply network.


The emission of interference voltage peaks, highfrequency electromagnetic fields, interference voltages, voltage fluctuations etc. A separate means of protection against a shortage of water is not provided and must be installed on site if desired. The installation bedjenungsanleitung must be protected from frost and be kept free bedienungsanleitunv chemicals, paints, solvents and fumes, and the ambient temperature must not be too high.

The hose attached to the overflow of the brine container and the flushing water hose must be routed at an incline to the sewage system or connected to a pump.

According to DINthe flushing water hose must be secured at a distance of at least 20 mm from the highest possible waste water level unimpeded drainage. The pump must be salt-water resistant. If the network pressure is higher, a pressure reducer must be installed upstream from the unit. The unit requires a minimum operating pressure to function see tech.

During pressure fluctuations or surges, the sum of the pressure surge and the standing pressure is not to exceed the nominal pressure.


Functional and warranty conditions Water softeners and ion exchange units require regular beienungsanleitung monitoring, maintenance and replacement of important parts after certain intervals. The amounts of regenerative necessary are subject to the level of consumption, which depends on operating conditions.

Water softeners must be cleaned regularly and also disinfected if necessary. See the installation and operating instructions for the maintenance intervals. We recommend that you enter into a maintenance agreement. T1 mm Depth, approx. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.