“The Bastard Operator From Hell”-style excuse server. The cause of the problem is: not properly grounded, please bury computer. The BOFH-style excuse. bofh // /n./ Acronym, Bastard Operator From Hell. A system administrator with absolutely no tolerance for [10]lusers. “You say The electronic rights of the new BOFH are owned by NETWORK WEEK magazine. The Original BOFH in German. This PDF contains every Bastard Operator From Hell (BOFH) story written by Simon Travaglia before its reintroduction at The Register.

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Most of this page I got from http: A system administrator with absolutely no tolerance for [10]lusers. Seems to me you have plenty left The Bastard Celebrates Christmas All other rights are retained by Simon Travaglia.



deuysch The PFY battles it out with the B. Beancounter central takes vehement action Don’t let the Boss set up a network Infiltration of the e-mail system Ever tempted to play computer games at work?

Encryption is forced on the Bastard The PFY falls under a spell Where do you find a new PFY when you want one?

The Bastard ’97 A visit from the auditors A little light fraud The bean counters try to get sneaky The Boss gets all safety-minded It really hits the fan as the tables turn The Bastard puts his newest protege though a rather nasty baptism Who said management was easy? A burnt server gets things off to a good start The Bastard goes along to do some, err The Bastard Operator From Hell is off to the movies The PFY is hardly the life and soul Members of the new stripy shirt brigade are full of beans and raring to go Local culinary delights with the Bastard A little sabotage is in the offing The PFY is forced to dip into the favour bank The disaster recovery budget proves to be a sore point