Manual for Autotrol (TC) Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual for the Series (which is the same as TC). It is 16 pages. Need Manual for the Autotro TC. it was here when we bought the I just moved into a house with an Autotrol TC. in real savings. I just moved into a house with an Autotrol TC softener system. The salt tank is Wait two hours and do a manual regeneration. Add that.

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Reply Sun 13 Mar, I’m new mxnual this so be easy on me. I just moved into a house with an Autotrol TC softener system. The salt tank is empty with no salt whatsoever. There appears to be a couple inches of brine or liquid at the bottom of the tank. I’m not sure how long the tanks’ been empty of salt. It might have been a while since all the toilets may have stained with hard watter or something. I was just planning on putting the system on bypass and cleaning out the salt tank and refilling it with new salt.


Should I be worry. Is there something else I need to do since I’m not sure how long its been empty? Okay I 5150 the water hardness. As for the resin level I shined a flashlight through the tank and its about half full.

The tank is a typical tank about 41″ in height and about 9″ diameter.

Autotrol 1550 tc manual – Water Dispensing & Filtration

There’s only myself, my wife and a baby. When you say clean out the resin tank, did you mean the brine tank. I would prefer not to mess with the resin tank if I dont have to. The Brine Controller is set to 8lbs at the moment and Day 2. I autohrol have it on bypass right now since a few days a ago. So I cleaned out the brine tank and and refilled it with two 50 lbs bags of salt from Costco and filled it with 5 Gal of water like you all recommended.

I did notice the water level is above the salt level. I thought you should always have salt above the water level.

Model Tc Manual – loadfredream

I manually regenerated it once after waiting two hour. I notice the water level is still above the salt level after it was back in service. Again I added another 5 Gallon of water like you said and it’s still above the salt level. I’m going to do my second regenerating in about an hour.


Okay after 2 manual regenerating from last night here are the test results from today after two showers and a few toilet flushes. My only concern is that right now I have about a foot of water above the salt.

I manyal on buying more salt to fill up above the water level if that’s possible as instructed but should I have that much water in the brine tank?

The two 50lb bags of salt takes up about a third of the tank and the water goes up to about half the tank. The water level never went down since i added the 5 gallon twice. Doesn’t that seems a bit excessive? Let’s just rename them “Rapeublicans” – Discussion by DrewDad.

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