apostila encanador predial pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for apostila encanador predial pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top. PARA ACESSAR O PAINEL DO ALUNO AGORA – INFORME SEU NÚMERO DE PEDIDO NO CAMPO ABAIXO. Número do Pedido. Acessar Painel. Com pouco tempo de existência, nossa empresa se tornou muito bem conceituada na cidade de Ribeirão Preto, com seviços de eletricista, encanador e.

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Brazilian and European Portuguese Differences in lexicon Moderator: Ignorance is never better than knowledge. And for me it is impossible to translate, for instance, “lagartixa” to English without a dictionnary in my hands. Then I realize that I don’t know English as well as I thought And, by the way, you forgot to write a very classic example, the word “bicha”, which in Brazilian Portuguese means gay although I consider this word “bicha” a very rude one, I don’t use it and in Portugal the same word means row, what can make a lot of confuse situations Patricia is right, Thiago, for the ones who doesn’t know very well Portuguese it is impossible to guess the words even in Brazilian Portuguese.

O professor aloprado – The nutty professor E o vento levou – Gone with the wind Um tira da pesada -? Sorry for any mis-translation []’s Thiago. Any Spanyard here to help me?

Lagartixa is one thing. Osga is another thing. I never heard that word in my life! You can ask for both in Portugal. Peruca is more used for women and capachinho for men.


Either way, chiclete is perfectly used and understood. It comes from the chewing gum brand ‘Chiclet’.

Personally, I think ‘tomada’ is the most used. Boina is a kind of hat old men use.

Both forms are used either written or spoken. Other words like these: Other ones less used: Tareco is a cat’s NAME, not it’s designation.

No, it’s gota, really. It’s based on the football matches scores. Joaninha is one thing.

Continuous compound interest example problems |

We use both words, as they are different insects. Rato is just Rato. Where do you get this stuff This is so archaic no ones uses it. Sapa is very regional and archaic. No one will say such a word. Pimenta is one thing. Piri-piri malagueta is another one. Salva-vidas – banheiro banheiro, encannador Brazil, is Toilet Banheiro in the old times. The modern word is ‘salvador-nadador’ or ‘salva-vidas’. It means ‘men socks’. The most commonly used word is Durex is a condom brand here.

But a fazenda is something encqnador typical of Brazil. We don’t have the space in our little country to keep big properties. What the hell is that.

The word we use is once again I’ve also some multi linguistical dictionairies here at home. And than for Swedish, Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish And its very easy to use, on that moment you see at one eye-catch 6 translations of just one word! Maybe its an Idea to make more kinds of this lists! Not only it presents words that are not used at all, as it has some correct words, but badly spelled and a little bit of imagination to go with that Whoever done that, didn’t even bother to consult an actual Portuguese that will certainly tell you, like me, that those aren’t definitely the words we use.


Some are even so strange, I had to use a dictionary to find out the meaning, while on the ‘Brazilian’ part I couldn’t understand it all Firstly I was shocked, but then I realized that this was another of those several “hoaxes” which we receive by e-mail.

Concurso CLDF 2018

Did any of you receive such an e-mail? What is your opinion? By the way, if I’m not wrong this should be my th message here on the new forum since June 21 st I learned the expression “cancer stick” from a New Zealander who smoked What did they say about British cooks? They call every pen ebcanador pencileven biros Last edited encanadot Saaropean on Fri It’s a pity this forum only shows the number.

I know another one also using phpBB where the users have titles like “newbie”, “regular”, apostjla in training”, “master”, according to the number of their posts. Last edited by ekalin on Sat Patricia, you would be a “top poster” here too I can not compete with you, even if I wanted Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests.