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Supersedes AFI , 1 July Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction explains how to compute service dates and dates of rank and. AFI , Reserve of the Air Force Officer Promotions (formerly AFR AFI , Service Dates and Dates of Rank (formerly AFR ). Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Privacy Act Program, . Advises students and explains changes to AFI , Service Dates and.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Business Management AFI advertisement. This instruction requires the collection and maintenance of information protected by the Privacy Act of The authorities to collect and maintain the records outlined in this instruction are Title 10, United States Code U. Individuals will show, or 3-62604 request, provide a Privacy Act Statement prior to collecting personal information.

Refer to Attachment 1 336-2604 glossary. The Paperwork Reduction Act of as amended in affects this instruction. This change deletes Table 4. A bar indicates revision from the previous edition. The entire text of the IC is at the last attachment. Who Announces Promotion Dates and Quotas: When to Have Promotion Ceremonies SrA Promotions see Table 1. Promoting Airmen in Missing Status Promoting Medal of Honor Recipients.

Nonrecommending, Deferring, and Withholding Promotions. Applying for Correction of Records. Who Disapproves a Promotion. National Emergency or War. They will afl and take action to resolve incomplete promotion records nonweighables. The Career Enhancement Element ensures all airmen meet eligibility requirements and commander recommends promotion. Assists MPFs with eligibility requirements and commander recommendations.

The immediate commander promotes grades Amn 36-26604 MSgt. This authority may be delegated to the vice commander, staff 36-22604, director for personnel, or numbered Air Force.

For unified commands, authority may be delegated to the Air Force Element commander. HQ USAF distributes promotion quotas that are based on fiscal and statutory constraints, and projected vacancies in those grades. Subsequent promotions determine future DOR unless other actions take precedence. Supplemental selectees are assigned PSNs of. When individuals are ineligible for promotion, they cannot test, cannot be considered if already tested, and projected promotions if already selected under WAPS or fully qualified Amn – SrA will be canceled.

Airmen who accept a promotion are eligible for reassignment and selective retraining in the projected grade. The statement will include NOTE: This does not apply to individuals eligible to retire in a commissioned or warrant officer status: Social security number SSN. Promotion cycle and grade selected to. Acknowledgment they must obtain 2 years service retainability and incur a 2-year active duty service commitment ADSC from the effective date of promotion to qualify for non-disability retirement.

Understanding that failure to withdraw existing retirement application approved or pending within 10 workdays from promotion selection notification will result in removal from the selection list.

Signature by the individual and a witness is required. Comments from the MPF Commander if the airman refuses to qfi. Cancels the promotion of a selectee who fails to withdraw wfi existing retirement application within 10 workdays after confirmation of the promotion selection or who fails to get service retainability before the promotion effective date.


Ensure selectees are counseled regarding service commitments. A member who is promoted to TSgt and who has a high year tenure HYT date may voluntarily 36-2640 to serve a maximum of 6 months time-in-grade.

TSgt selectees may affi, in writing, an HYT adjustment in order to serve a maximum of 6 months as a TSgt from the promotion effective date. When to Have Promotion Ceremonies. Commanders may conduct ceremonies on the last 36–2604 day before the promotion effective date and inform the member that ceremonies do not affect pay, seniority, or entitlements.

Airmen may decline 36-2640 promotion in writing any time prior to the effective date.

The declination letter must include name, SSN, promotion cycle, PSN if already selected, and a statement of understanding that reinstatement will not be authorized.

PDS automatically withholds promotion for those who do not complete appropriate PME prior to the effective date see Table 1. Via message include name, SSN, cycle and grade promoted to, new DOR, effective date and promotion sequence number, date of data verification completion, date commander approved promotion, promotion order include date, number and issuing headquartersand reason for promotion withholding, if applicable.

Determining Ineligibility For Promotion see note 1. Promote airmen who remain on active duty in a limited assignment status LAS. The effective date is date returned to active duty.

Below-the-Zone BTZ selectees removed from the selection list remain ineligible until they meet the fully qualified promotion requirements.

PES code C see note 2 and 4. Includes completed punishment and cases where sentence does not include punishment. PES code F see notes 2, 4, and 5. PES code G see note 2. PES code K see note 2. Include period of time the airman is on probation after serving part of a sentence or has had the sentence withheld for a period of time. The ineligibility period will equal the maximum confinement for the same or most closely related offense under the manual for CM.

You may waive the promotion ineligibility or any portion of the ineligible period. You may not waive the promotion ineligibility for airmen convicted and sentenced to confinement.

The waiver authority rests with wing or equivalent level commander. Update grade-status-reason to 3G. No change in PES code.

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Update grade-status-reason to 3D. See note 2 and 5. Individuals placed in RI9A unclassified airmen pending discharge and RI9A airmen awaiting retraining, disqualified for reasons within control remain ineligible for promotion until awarded a PAFSC at a skill level commensurate with current grade. See notes 2 and 6. For ineligibility of airmen entering commissioning programs, see paragraph 3.

Airmen 36–2604 not receive supplemental promotion consideration for any cycle for which they were ineligible under this rule.

Commanders can request waiver of PES code Q for TSgts meeting all requirements for upgrade to the 7-skill level, but are awaiting attendance to 7-level school. Withholding Promotion see paragraph 3. I T E Withhold an airman’s promotion when his or her name is not removed from a select or eliM gibility list and the airman is awaiting a decision on an application as a conscientious objector AFIProcedures for 1 Applying as a Conscientious Objector.


PES code 2 E. PES 4 code I. PES code B See note 4.

Do not use reasons of substandard behavior or performance, problems with OJT, mis9 behavior, etc. Withholding promotion of an individual in the ADAPT program is optional but may 36-264 used if the individual has a projected sequence number and the commander decides it should be withheld.

Commanders should consider recommendations of the Treatment Team TT. The promotion authority retains final decision. The wing commander or equivalent level commander may allow promotion of airmen in WSC code 5 or ati enlisted members who are otherwise qualified. A commander may withhold an airman’s promotion if he or she is under investigation or the subject of an inquiry formal or informal military or civil law that may result in action under UCMJ or prosecution by civil authorities.

The commander may withhold the promotion when the investigation or inquiry is complete but no determination is 36-2064 as to the action the military or civil authorities will take. Significant Afk of Promotion.

These dates reflect the normal promotion cycle increment months; however, due to budget constraints or other unforeseen actions, these dates may be extended. Those airmen affected by a promotion cycle carryover are not entitled to apply for correction of military records under the provisions of AFI to have their effective date retroactively adjusted to their DOR.

Airman and A1C Promotions: An Amn is eligible 336-2604 promotion to A1C at 10 months see Table 1. The immediate commander must recommend the promotion in writing before the airman assumes the grade. Airmen are promoted fully qualified to SrA upon meeting minimum requirements in Table 2.

DOR and effective date is the date the airman reaches 24 months TIS and attains a 3-skill level, whichever occurs latest. SrA BTZ is a one-time promotion consideration to advance to SrA six months prior to the fully qualified phase point listed in paragraph 2. Host wing commander or senior Air Force officer serving in that capacity establishes written administrative procedures for small units serviced by their installation and may do so for large units if desired.

AFI 36-2502

Do not delegate this responsibility unless specifically authorized in accordance with paragraph 2. Procedures must ensure all eligible airmen receive fair, equitable, and timely BTZ consideration. Airmen must meet skill level requirements in Table 2. Airmen are identified during the processing month and SrA BTZ promotion selections are made during the months indicated in Table 2. EPRs will close out no later than the 15th day of the 1st processing month see paragraph 2.

If the airman has less than 60 days, the EPR will close out the date 60 days supervision is acquired.